What are your unpopular opinions in pokemon?

Idk I sorta hate variants and regional forms. That’s probably unpopular because they almost always do it to fan favs or kanto Pokemon


You will fall in love with Raging Bolt once you get to know it in the anime :wink:

(Half joking here since you’re always advocating for the anime.) But in all seriousness the games and particularly competitive VGC have the same effect for me in regards to warming up to certain designs.


100% agree. I can’t wait to see it in the anime! :wink:


Unfortunately they won’t slow down the release frequency of the games because the majority of the playerbase doesn’t get bored and each new game brings in truckloads of money. If that works for them then they ain’t going to change the formula.

If we wanted the same game to be played for over a decade like GTA V then we’d better be comfortable with Pokemon becoming like GTA Online and a cash-grabbing freemium style of game where they KNOW you will just buy shark cards (Sharpedo cards, anyone?) to get money/credits/rare items rather than try to progress quickly without paying, especially if other trainers were constantly destroying you.

I’m absolutely not a fan of that game structure, even though it is increasingly the norm. Younger players would probably lap it up to be fair but us boomers who are used to buying a game and unlocking everything through skill and persistence…maybe not so much.


Yeah, I collect non-TCG for Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff. It’s a lot of fun hunting for/finding new items (at a price I’m comfortable with too, of course).

I love seeing all the different types of things that are out there (especially for Gen I pokemon, who got a ton of love!). I should probably do more research about what the things I’m getting actually are, but I don’t have the time right now (and some things are really obscure), so for now, I just post everything that I pick up, even if I don’t know what they’re called :joy:

Looking forward to your collection post in the future :slightly_smiling_face: And hope I can maybe one day help you find some Mewtwo items!


I think this is a hot take but I don’t like the variants, the past/future stuff from PLA and S/V in particular. Sneasel/Sneasler and Typhlosion :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


People who complain about black label collectors are a lot more annoying than people who collect black labels.

Likewise people who jerk themselves off for collecting 9s instead of 10s are also annoying and I don’t even collect 10s.



I collect 7 and 8’s, where’s your God now?


Sometimes I think this hobby makes us too materialistic. It’s actually something I think about a lot.


I think about this frequently as well! Overall collectibles have more positives imo. It brings happiness and purpose to people, and some a livelihood. If anything the physical material aspect of cards is less important, its the emotional value that we are really collecting. Also they are so small and typically cherished so they aren’t too wasteful, well unless you are opening something like this. :melting_face:


I think about this all the time too. I’ve considered making a thread for a long time now.

My take is that we collect for a variety of reasons; while they are material items, the value we place on them often comes from sentimental/non-materialistic reasons. I realise that’s bordering on the tru collector meme, I think it’s a key distinction. With that said, do we need the material item to capture the emotion?

And maybe a more important question is, does it even matter if collecting is materialistic?


I think ex-era was pretty good for set cohesion. One set specifically that wasn’t mentioned is my favourite: EX Delta Species!

It has insane set cohesion based around the Holon Research Tower, which appears in the artwork background of many cards in the set. Even if the tower itself isn’t in a particular art, often the background of the Pokemon is still clearly identifiable as the Holon region. Also lots of the trainer cards are staff working in or around the Holon Research Tower, Delta Species Pokemon were created unintentionally by the research happening at the tower etc.

I’m a scientist so maybe that’s why I love the set so much :laughing:


Sentret doesn’t feel like the first pokemon in an evolution line.

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I’m crying :joy:


Likewise people who jerk themselves off for collecting 9s instead of 10s are also annoying and I don’t even collect 10s.

What if we jerk ourselves off AND collect 9s, without there being any association between the two? :slightly_smiling_face:

Asking for a friend


few people have Pokemon cards they owned more than 20 years.


I mean people want to multitask while scrolling ebay, you know, for efficiency, is that so bad? :joy:


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Cards you’ve kept your whole life, are less valuable than ones you’ve since hunted-down because you could not acquire them before.

OR :thinking:

Cards you’ve hunted-down since re-joining the hobby can never be as valuable as a card you’ve kept all that time.

I can’t decide

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