Unpopular Opinion Thread

Let’s see if we can do one of these internet staples and have it not devolve into arguments.

Post an opinion you have about a Pokemon Card that you think is an unpopular one. You may find out others think the same thing.
Try not to respond with “I don’t think X card is worth X” that’s a bit too easy and is a topic for another thread.

I’ll start.

Charizard Gold Star is the ugliest Gold Star card, and just an ugly card overall.


Probably not gonna get much support for this, but I’m personally not a fan of the e-series Crystals. The artwork doesn’t feel very out of the ordinary for secret rare chase cards; you’d think that a “crystal” card would actually have a crystal Pokemon on it like the crystal Onyx in the anime or something. Better yet, they should’ve just made more Shinings.


I must’ve “missed the train” with Base set Charizard, can’t get hyped at all by it.


$.2:Untasteful selection of Prerelease cards were chosen.


I strongly agree with you. They kind of offset the overall standard pokemon card look. Simplicity is key.

Would have also loved it if they made alternative artwork for the Prerelease cards, kind of like how MTG does, and not just a giant PRERELEASE stamp.

I don’t understand the old trophy trainer card hype. The artwork for all of them is poop. The only thing going for them is that they are worth way to much money.


Also, F*!% pikachu!



I know right thats why I bought mine as they were cheap and graded them and next thing you know youtubers had the hype train running at full speed.

YOU WHAT? P.s F*** Rayquaza the worst dragon imo.


LMAO I knew that was comming xD

Goes for grading,teleports


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This ^. Most of the trophy cards have low production numbers and are worth a lot. Most of the art work isn’t that great. They have that vending machine/kid Illustrator look. I’d they were drawn by a kid I’d be impressed. It seems like they went through the garbage pile when they needed a new design .


Many of the cards from the last decade seemed to rely more on flash as opposed to quality art. FAs especially failed miserably. Some can be so ‘busy’ you need to look closely jst to decipher what character it may be.


I agree with most of the opinions here lol…

  • The new Pikachu mega campaign and all Pikachu full arts are terrible, I’m tired of seeing a Pikachu dressed up in eighty different costumes and calling them all special cards. To quote @pottsinator, f*%k Pikachu.

  • Charizard is boring.

  • Base Set is way overhyped. The artwork is (no pun intended) basic and uninteresting, everyone and their dog collects it, and it’s not a rare set at all.

  • Gen 1 had the least interesting Pokemon.


I agree and disagree. If say the majority of the art on both the exs and Full arts is lack luster. Some like Tyranitar and Charizard are basically look here I am, buy me. What’s even more sad if you think about is the artwork if the previous era. They didn’t have the full card to work with.

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Sugimori and Arita’s work on the base Alakazam and Venusaur/Charizard respectively was nothing short of brilliant/breathtaking. Considering it was a child’s game card inaugural release in 1996 the overall work was groundbreaking.
Without the competent dedication to their craft of these pioneers, Pokemon would have never entered the realm of the iconic but would have wallowed away in the land of niche:)


For me. I think the Thin/Grey Stamps are errors and should be recognized as such instead of true variants. But I already covered that in another thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for specific cards. Hmm…

Honestly, I don’t really like the Masaki set. I see the appeal, but the art is so bad with the exception of Gengar. MAYBE Alakazam. Overall, though, I think they’re pretty bad aesthetically.

I kind of think that this might actually be a more widely popular opinion. Haha. Hard to say but seems reasonable considering the crap they come out with for a lot of them.

Your Opinion is swift yet brutal. Your words are like the heavy debt collector at the door, i pretend that they are not there yet their truth and existence cannot be denied.

Its so true though, the Full Art cards especially the Mega cards are not as good as I want them to be.

Everything I stand for now lies in ruin… I think… I …need to lay down…

I feel nothing now!

RIP Tash’s Collection


-TPCi does a way better job with the TCG than Wizards of the Coast ever did.

-The quality concerns with English cards aren’t major enough for me to want to collect in Japanese instead.