Why do people diss newer sets?


This video deserves every dislike.

I personally find this set fun and very innovative.
They are dissing it for stupid reasons.

Watch the video and you will shake your heads too!

Like, they think they are the funniest thing since sliced bread, but aren’t even funny. Pikachu looks like a house rat, as does Cinccino, Minccino and every other card…

They ramble and you will have a laugh.

I honestly have no reaction to this video other than these being a couple young kids who wanted to make a video about disliking something but have no idea why they dislike it in the first place.

I honestly don’t like the newer cards at all. Here is why:

1.) Quite simply they are not what I remember as a kid. Nostalgia plays a big part in collecting.

2.) Their ex/ chase cards are way too over designed. The pokemon breaks the plane of the art box onto the card itself all while having all sorts of orbs, sparks, lighting bolts and needless effects surrounding the border and Pokemon itself. Keep it simple.

3.) I do not like full arts. Never did, never will.

4.) Almost all artwork is 3-D or clearly digitally done. Gone are the days of the hand-drawn/painted artworks. No to mention they seem to have lost their Japanese style in some ways.

5.) The new pokemon are neat, but they do not appeal to me…this goes back to my first point.

Those are just my opinions and if the video actually gave reasons as to why the newer set “sucks” then I would not see an issue with it. But they are kids.

I certainly don’t mind the 3D arts.
What I mind is the complete replacement of original, hand-done art with 3D art as if some sort of ethnic cleansing has occurred in the TCG art world. This set is a perfect example of this for me. Here we have a small set specifically designed to be unique. What a great opportunity to introduce some artwork free of computer generation. And yet we see more or less the same type of art we’ve had everywhere else lately.

If the general market demands the 3D art, I understand why it is done. I understand why Meloetta looks like she sneezed glitter all over the front of the card. I can even grasp why a beloved creature like Pikachu has been “glamorized” to include an invasion of stars. But what I don’t understand is why there are no cards that let the Pokemon and their “cute” factor speak for themselves.

Girls liked Jigglypuff without crazy holofoil, 3D rendering, and a smattering of random icons like stars, flowers, etc. The Pokemon’s artwork just had to depict the cuteness of personality that Jigglypuff had to offer. Every single one of the cards in this set has a Pokemon on it with enough “cute” factor in personality alone to woo a sea of little girls. Why isn’t there any of that?

So conceptually: I’m not opposed. Mini sets with target audiences and unique art? Sign me up.
But the execution? Well, let’s see them toss a dash of variety into the art so that each card is both impressive and unique from the others in the set. Make me want to get each one because it has something to offer my eyes that the others do not.

I agree with many of the points made here.

I’ve never been a fan of the over sparkly, glittered, shiny cards that have been introduced lately. Take a good look at the Neo Destiny shinning Pokemon.

All they had to do was provide sweet hand drawn art and a simple gold foil to make the cards simply amazing. They’re just outstanding. Those cards were unique. Completely different from all other cards out there, so when you pulled one, you knew it was beyond special.

Now you pull an EX or shiny and are like “Meh”. It’s so easy to pull those cards that they’re just not special anymore. I think they have taken the excitement out of pulling unique cards. Just my opinion. :blush:

Honestly, this is why I don’t think Shinies are rare enough. It progressed from making Holos the chase cards, to making an Ultra Rare chase card, to making Ultra Rares not quite so rare and a second tier of Ultra Rareness (Shiny) the real chase cards (from a distribution perspective). Now I feel like its all overly common. Adding a third tier is unnecessary. Rather, tone down the frequency with which shinies occur.


Make shinies cooler than the EXs. Please. A gold tinting to a regular card sucks. Give me mind blowing artwork on a card not already printed in the set. And make it one per case. The thrill of the hunt and the glory of the capture!

^^ Definitely! I personally think the art on the Shiny Blastoise from Plasma Gale is embarrassing…

And that’s on top of the fact that it looks like the card was soaked in urine.

I will say this much about the Shiny collection (Back on track):

It isn’t targeted at me. I’m relatively older than the people these are made for. I understand that I am not the target audience. And I have a bias from a long-term collector’s standpoint. I fully recognize this.

I guess my complaints are to some degree backlash from feeling like the ignored demographic in the Pokemon world. But my demographic is growing, so maybe there is hope in the near future. Maybe we will get a mini set with just hand-drawn artwork. Maybe it will utilize the Base Set card design and have similar holofoil treatment.

And maybe I’m just a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

I completely agree with everything that was said above! As Bluey was saying, it is the subtle details that can make a card truly special like the slight foil treatment on the neo shinnies. Even look at the original trophy cards. Little details like the double star rarity, the tournament logo as a set symbol all scream “I am something special!” All of those cards had nothing more than the average holofoil pattern and hand-drawn artwork.

I certainly don’t mind CGI cards, look at the first two promo cards ever for an example of how its done right! However, those had character. Today card artworks seem to say “I got paid to render this graphic along with with all of my other projects for various companies”.

If pokemon went back to their original style, I would be out buying packs in a heart beat!

And just a quick note about the “Like/Dislike” system:
I think it’s awesome how Jason has participated throughout this entire conversation without actually posting.

I agree with everything apart from disliking full arts as i like that change the ultra rares each generation but i do agree they have gone a little overboard lately with the amount in a set. That’s the main reason i don’t bother buying new packs/boxes anymore.

It depends really with CGI, i like some but most looks rushed or bland. But i do hope they do more hand drawn artwork with gen 6. Even if it is only a mini set or the odd promo that would be enough.

I agree with shinies though, there should be 1 maybe 2 a set and very hard to pull. That would bring back some excitement from opening packs. But if they did they would have to be quite playable to keep the demand up.

The main problem i have with the last couple of sets is the horizontal line holo effect. Its just strange to me as it takes all attention from the artwork and essentially blurs out the background which i don’t see the point in…

I love this liking system. Don’t need to post when others have paraphrased my opinions. :blush:

I kinda agree that the whole 3D has gone overboard, but I like some of the new cards, especially the Reshiram and Mew from this set. They’re really beautiful to me. :heart_eyes:

Mew really took me by surprise, given the amount of 3D treatment it’s been given lately. And eh… I guess I role with the punches most times, but yeah, I don’t like the constant use of 3D nowdays.

I like a mix :x

I despise the overproduction of Ultra Rares in the new sets. I guess you can claim they have been doing this for a long time now, with the ex cards being 4-8 per set, but for some reason, I feel like all the FA’s, EX’s, and EX FA’s and shinies come in larger quantities per set, and it’s just really annoying because I know one day I’m gonna have to buy all of those.

Also, the lack of variety in the Pokemon they pick for all the FA and EX cards bothers me. Mew has been on, what, 4 different FA/EX cards? This is the one thing in the video that I agree with. They need to switch it up more - there are a lot of other legendaries and great-looking Pokemon out there that deserve their spot in the limelight.

Personally, I think they should do some other pokemon aside from legendaries.
Or if they do legendaries, they should make “sets”

Like 1 set being all the birds, beasts, kami trio etc… and to stop randomly picking pokemon. Seriously… They have Regigigas and Registeel… Just doesn’t feel unionized.

Personally if I were designing URs from the beginning, I wouldn’t put all the random pokemon… IE Mr. Mime EX, Wigglytuff EX, Slowking Prime…

Though personally, I like the shiny collection ones. They go exactly with what pokemon wanted… A nice fresh set to get fans intrigued… I would’ve stayed away from the reprints, but the kids didn’t need to diss the whole set.

I will admit this much: I had never really seen Reshiram as particularly “girly” until I saw the creature contrasted against a wall of flowers and petals.

I like the newer sets MORE to be completely honest. I go back to Base Set and I find very little of the artwork to be exciting, because it all falls into three categories: A) Ken Sugimori stock art, B) Keiji Kinebuchi borderline-embarrassing mid-90’s CGI, or C) Mitsuhiro Arita giving us something that isn’t stock art or cringe-worthy. As we’ve gone through expansion sets, we’ve gotten a nice mix of artists come aboard and many of them are still contributing to the card game today.

Yeah, the modern CGI is bland, but I’ve never liked the CGI in the first place. Somebody mentioned the Pikachu and Jigglypuff promos… I kind of groan when I look at how goofy and outdated the graphics look. >_>

For the most part I really don’t like the mid 90’s CGI so I completely agree with that part!

But base set makes me ooouuh and awww when I look at the artwork for lack of a better phrase :stuck_out_tongue: Just look at this marvel:

You just don’t get beautiful watercolour designs like this anymore imo

I have been meaning to comment on this topic, it is a good one! I think the difference of opinion has influence from what era you grew up in. In general, I love anything pokemon. Within that general statement, I have a hierarchy of preference. I personally prefer the old hand drawn illustrations. The early Ken Sugimori concepts are what I grew up with so it is difficult for me to be unbiased.

While I prefer the original artwork, I appreciate some of the CGI, but not most of it. I actually like the old CGI from the base set cards because it reminded me of N64. Which again, this is purely what I grew up with. However, if I were to construct a more objective argument, I would argue that the new CGI has the Uncanny Valley effect on me. I prefer the more crude CGI as it looks “unrealistic”. The base porygon made out of polygons makes sense. Some of the new CGI is trying too hard to make pokemon look “realistic” which in my opinion should not be the goal for fictional creatures, literally termed, Pocket Monsters.

With this said, I give pokemon the benefit of the doubt to some extent. Why the new ultra rare cards have a bit extra to them is perhaps due to the fact that the “EX” in EX cards stands for “Extra”. This would add a bit of legitimacy to why you see so much “extra” in newer cards. However, the problem I have is that the “extra” has become the main ingredient. This focus renders a lot of the newer artwork sterile, repetitive and ultimately forgettable.

This is just my perspective and we can value whichever artwork we desire. Whether you prefer the old or new style, we can all agree that they are currently dropping the ball on Secret rares.

I agree with Scott in that what era you grew up in has an effect on your opinion. I can testify to this by saying I personally love the ex series. The original Base set cards come off as kind of plain and boring, although I appreciate the art for what it is. The newer cards come off as too overdone with CGI and it’s harder for me to enjoy them. Although the inner kid in me still makes me go “Oooh” when I see overly sparkly and lightning-full cards :stuck_out_tongue:

I have always liked Ken Sugimori stock art, not that isn’t to say that I don’t like other artwork.
The No. 3 Trainer will be a want for me in the future, as I ADORE that artwork!
But atm, NOT enough money for it LOL

However the never cards, depending I do like some, others are EWW.
-points to some ugly trubbish cards-