Anyone else getting tired of the 3D/CGI garbagge?

I for one am, what happened to the good old drawn cards like these:

and nowadays it’s a LOT of this CGI crap :slightly_smiling_face: :

Everything is 3D now… The only 3D I like are the clay pokemon cards for one of the set. The one with ditto pikachu, squirtle, bulbasaur, charmander, mr.mime

Really sucks everything is 3D now :confused: I liked it how before this tsunami of CGI cards whenever a 3D card appeared it was a real bonus, like something really nice, for example the Ditto card on the Fossil set and the Ditto cards you mentioned which are awesome, now it’s all too common.

You do know… EVERYTHING BESIDES POKEMON IS 3D… going to a movie… 3D, buying a TV…3D… glasses…3D… Life 3D… What happen to all the cool games in 2D… 3D really hurts your eyes if you’re not used to it!

Are you suggesting life sucks because its 3D :stuck_out_tongue:? Jk, I do agree with you you about the whole 3D thing…its a marketing ploy that can’t go away soon enough!

The style of artwork on the newer cards all look the same to me. This is most evident in the upcoming plasma freeze set…seems as if they only have three artists and they are all are trying to emulate each other :confused:

Bring back stock Ken art!!

I was playing Pokemon with a kid that walked into our shop the other day and he mentioned not liking his older cards because they were “ugly.” He even tried to give them to me.

As much as I like older artwork, the new artwork is in line with what the purchasing generation wants. And I’d rather have a healthy Pokemon company than artwork I prefer to the current cards.

Maybe that is just me though.
I think a mini-set with hand-drawn artwork would work nicely to mend that gap.

Noooo! Not stock art! Tell him to illustrate the Pokemon in new poses!

WARNING: The following image is extremely disturbing. For protection of the viewers, it has been placed in spoilers. View at your own risk.

SPOILER: Click to show

WHAT IS THAT?! I mean, come on! Seriously? That’s awful!

That card would have looked so much cooler if we had the original holofoil style. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just buy a Korean version of the card. They still use the old holofoil style.

I’m sorry 2D rules all… That’s why I still play my SNES… You have to admit the games on there are awesome.

I did not know that. I guess now I have a reason to buy one of those cheap boxes.

I never liked the computer generated artwork even back in the old days because the CGI was even more embarrassing back then. At least they haven’t phased out hand-drawn artwork entirely, and the full art cards (which I’m pretty sure are CG) look cool.

I didn’t mind the N64 type cgi since it reminded me of pokemon snap/stadium.

I think the strongest argument for the hand drawn cards is that they were the origin of pokemon. I am extremely partial to the hand drawn cards for many reasons. I am not a big fan of CGI in general, and the hand drawn cards hit me with that nostalgia.

However, I think what funmonkey said is where I stand as well. I prefer a healthy market that may not have the exact illustrations I prefer. For good or for worse, it will make the gap between the pre 2003 cards even wider.

Funmonkey’s idea of a mini-set with hand-drawn images sounds like a lovely idea.
If you’ve noticed, Pokemon has been trying to expand to attract girls to the cards (the whole Shiny Collection mini set), so I figure they’d be fine with pleasing their long time collectors.

There are some really nice, 2D artworks here. A little change in the right direction?

I saw the one with the family a week ago. I thought those were a good idea. The others look as if they are cgi or computer generated.

I think the hand drawn reference is to the literal drawing board cards without editing. Ones that are made with actual colored pencils, paint or other mediums that are not digital. I think they could mix it up and do something like this again with the newer pokemon.

I’m entirely certain that is what plenty of us would like.

But I still uphold this as a step in the right direction.

Well 3D is the least of our problems… 4K came out a month ago