What are good options for card stands for PSA holders

Hi Everyone,

I am getting back into Pokemon collecting after 6-7 years, and while the prices are exponentially higher than when I first started, I decided to go after PSA 4-7 range cards for the early WOTC sets I loved. Can you provide me with some good cheap (and also higher) options to present my cards? I know there were plastic and wood stands for PSA Pokemon cards, any ideas? Thanks.

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I personally use the PSA Stands because I like how do they look, if you are located on Europe Mirmex is also selling them for the cheapest price available


I definitely like these if I get a more premium card, even at a PSA 5 or 6

I use the PSA-branded stands and they’re great. However, they hold the card almost straight-up (slightly tilted back) so they aren’t good for displays that aren’t close to or at eye level. They can also be pretty bulky. I also use these BCW stands as a secondary display option, they are very minimalist (cheap too) and hold the card more tilted backwards, so they work for displays at and below eye level.


thanks I seem to remember ones like these, 9 bucks though seems steep for plastic, but then again it has been several years since I bought one

The listing is for 10 so they’re only about $1 each. Not bad in my book!


lol didn’t read all the way, yes I will get those for sure thanks

There are also fancier displays like Phantoms. Not sure what else is out there. Does anyone else know of stuff similar to that?

I designed my own stand with legos, honestly couldn’t be happier with it! Cheap, sturdy and visible part is stylish but keeps the focus on cards :ok_hand:

Edit: bgs slab in photo but fits both slabs


Great idea, do you happen to have a photo/list of the individual pieces?

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@PokemonProfessor No but i can do one, there’s some different bricks that could be used for example for the wall part but i’ll just copy what i used, hete’s also a photo from the bottom which shows the piece preventing it from falling

3 x 2x4 plate
2 x 2x6 plate
1 x 1x4 plate
1 x 1x6 plate
2 x 1x3 plate
2 x 2x4 tile
1 x 2x2 tile
1 x 1x6 tile
1 x 1x4 tile
2 x 1x1 tile
2 x 2x8 brick
3 x 2x4 brick
2 x 2x2 brick
2 x 2x2x3 (75°) slope

If someone decides to build the same ones and has troubles building it i’ll gladly help


Awesome, thank you so much. Will check whether I have all bricks here and start building.

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I’ve thought about making lego stands for my plushies, glad to see you beat me to it with slabs :rofl:

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