PSA display

hay there i have quite a few psa but there just in stacks i would like to display them

there nice but expensive

i no people use plant stands but look very bad inmy opioion

does anyone no weather theres a 3rd party that sells these stands but like a cheap verison if you get what i am saying :blush:

oh and some pictures of peoples display would also be cool

I personally use these stands for display, they hold the cards well and work for PSA/BGS or cards in magnetic holders/top loaders.

That’s a pretty good deal too for 5.

Here’s a pic of mines.



it would be great to see how other people are displaying their PSA cards.

I myself, am currently too scared to display psa cards in japan, as the earthquakes are dangerous haha…


oh wow… i found it!!

is this Gary’s house??? ::::


That’s a similar display I’d like to have once I get some completed PSA 10 sets

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That is a crazy display. Must be Gary’s lol

it would be soooo funny if it is his…

ahaha i would love it to be my display

That wall is like the dream! I may have to investigate on a large case or maybe do a bit of work with a display to put mine in now I’ve seen this… The wallet keeps on bleeding far past cards with collecting haha.

While that looks great, I would recommend displaying lower grade copies of the cards you have in ultra high grade PSA grades. Long term light and your paper collectibles is a bad combination.


Can’t you get glass which helps the cards not get so faded? Luckily I live in a cave with eternal darkness so it’s not an issue for a cretin like me. On a serious note I live in the UK where it’s almost never sunny so is it likely to be as much of an issue if at all compared to the states if I have the aforementioned glass/screen?

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There is a glass called Museum Glass that is 99% UV protection and has awesome clarity, or there is Conservation Glass that also has 99% UV pertection. both will help with cards not getting faded and protect them.

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nice tips hear as when i have finished collecting i want them to look cool :blush: on display