PSA Stands/storage

Hey, i have recently got a few cards graded and wanted to know if there is a display stand that looks nice and will take the card even if it is sleeves? If i remember right someone said it didn’t fit if it was sleeved.

Also how do you store your PSA cards? I don’t like the PSA ones as they don’t seem to have much protection or hold many cases… I would be looking to store 20-30 cards in one so it needs to be a reasonable size.


Display pictures of them here on upccc then sleeve them and put them away. Then we can all enjoy them;)

I use the PSA stands to display my cards. They do not fit in perfectly with the sleeve but it’s okay… I like those stands as it is a good way to enjoy your cards… And I really dont think that there is anything wrong with displaying cards unless you have a hungry dog or live in an area were the crime rate is high…

I think the PSA stands look awsome, favourite cards should be stored this way to be enjoyed. Unless you got angry dogs or huge crime rate like geri mentioned ;p