Displaying Collection

So here’s something I’ve been struggling with for awhile…how do I properly display all of my collection, namely PSA cards? I have a ton, like 80+, and all they seem to do is sit in stacks on my desk. Does anyone have any methods of displaying their PSA cards in a way that shows them all off?

I keep my sets/ungraded singles in binders which is nice, but my pride and joy is really the PSA cards. It stinks to have them just sitting there and not displayed in any sort of way.

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Find a desirable space then create something that works to show them off. It’s fun to figure out.
Most people seem to use acrylic stands in glass and mirror cases but that can get expensive.
Maybe some type of wood slab assembly?

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I reckon you’re spot on the money here Gary.

A nice custom made (by yourself if you have the ability) shelf would be the way to go. That way you can make it as large or small as you like.

super glue the PSA onto your wall


Amateur stuff, nail it onto the wall.


That’s lame… give it to @milhouse and he’ll take a picture, put it on your wall and keep the cards for protection.


To spark a few ideas - here’s how I store my sets & PSA cards:

Oh and I’ll give bonus points if anyone can guess the contents of the 3 white boxes on the top shelf.


It’s probably been explained before, but what is the case you use for your PSA cards?

Liquid nails…




Thanks mate. Can anyone that owns one please give me the internal dimensions of it? Couldn’t see it on the page linked in the video description.

I’ll be looking to convert a Pelican case into one so it’ll be crush proof and waterproof too.


I want to build custom shelving for my collection displays… when I can afford my own place / afford to get married etc…

I’m going to have my own gaming / collection room, with a section for marvel cards / non sports cards, a section for retro gaming and a section for pokemon cards which is the centrepiece / biggest part.

I already found some dvd acrylic storage boxes which fit pokemon booster boxes perfectly, and stack. So I think I will either have glass or acrylic shelving, and a psa wall / open shelf with custom sockets the psa cards can slide into.

This is going to take so long… z.z

Too many ideas rushing through my head.

BTW it’s awesome seeing other people’s setups! We should make a show us your setup thread eventually.



Very nice, only change I would make is to purchase seperate storage boxes for booster boxes. Less contact with dust + none of booster boxes don’t have to carry any weight on top.

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I’ll use this photo once again.


I’ve actually dealt with custom jersey frames before for multiple sports in my teenage years. They can be quite expensive, because they are tailor made.

A cheaper alternative is two pieces of ply, one with a cut out and one solid. You lay them over the top, glue and screw together. Then fit the frame with glass, by whatever means you like keeping in mind you’ll want to access the cards still though.

This kind of setup is actually quite cheap if you are able to build and paint yourself.


I’ve spent so much money custom framing things. Please don’t ask how much.

With framing, you can spend as much or as little as you want. But know you’ll see the difference. I suggest black frames, spacers, air tight, high contrast colored board, and museum glass.


atleast show us a photo of ur best frame!?

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I just store mine in Graded card Boxes. They fit about 40 or so cards per row in 2 seperate rows. They make display cases that hang on the wall that hold 24-50 cards each. But, they are HUGE and sorta Expensive. Plus you need to wall mount them…

This image was pulled off of a friends Instagram account. He’s no longer collecting, I used this image in the past in a thread created a few months ago. Just thought I’d re-use it since many folks haven’t seen it yet.

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They look Incredible displayed on the wall like that. Wish I had the funds to do the same. But, I don’t, lol!