PSA Card Stands

does anyone know where I could find some good looking stands like these ones from PSA but maybe a bit cheaper? :blush:

How about the ones from… PSA?

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Check eBay. They have a cheaper option but the quality is not as good as the PSA stands.

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Hi there I have 3 PSA stands i could sell you? if you are interested let me know and we can sort out a fair price

As I am from Europe, PSA charges 31 $ for shipping for 4 card stands, which is a bit too much for me.

Ah i see, apologies, that was not clear… I am also from Europe (UK) and use a US middleman to buy the stands and ship them over to me! :blush:

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how much did that work out for per stand for you if you dont mind my asking? :blush:

I have 3 official PSA acrylic ones. If you have some cards to trade that would compensate for price+convenience+shipping I could send them over to you.

Or I could buy fresh ones from the site if you don’t mind waiting. I’m interested in cards over cash.

I got these for my One-Touch cases but it seems to hold a PSA case fine.

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don’t have anything to trade at the moment, I have a really small collection :blush:
Maybe some other time.

It was a little costly in the end as I did buy a lot. $6.00 per stand, $20.00 shipping to the US contact and $60.00 shipping to me in the end. If anything it was worth it just to eliminate the possibility of getting customs charges raised!