Were these cards actually released?

Came across images of these cards that seem to be from a refreshed 2011 version of the “Teach” sets from the 90s. Wondering if they were limited to being printed on the “Teach” cards, or if there were actual TCG cards as well.

Searching for them online hasn’t yielded any results besides the original source at CV’s livejournal: collectorviper.livejournal.com/83748.html, hoping someone knows something!

Many of these sets have unique artwork



@pkmnflyingmaster already linked to my article (thanks! :blush: ), but to clarify a bit as TL;DR:

There are six Teach/Tryout Sets: 2000; 2008; 2009; and 3x 2011 (March 1st; July 18th; and September 21st). The first three Teach/Tryout sets contained artworks from existing sets, and the last three Teach/Tryout sets from 2011 are all unique artworks that were never used on any other Pokémon TCG cards.

@dreamtech The first three you’ve shown above are from the March 1st, 2011 set and the bottom three are from the July 18th, 2011 set. (The September 21st, 2011 set has the same artworks as the one from March 1st, but with a different card background.)


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