Weird tracking - should I worry?

So I bought a graded card from eBay and it was shipped on July 5th. Usually when I buy something from the US it arrives within 1-2 weeks. If I have a tracking number for my purchase, I add it to Finnish postal service’s (Posti) app so as soon as the they get the package I will receive a notification.

Well, until now the package hasn’t updated on the app and I checked the USPS tracking and it says the package has DEPARTED Helsinki on July 9th?? So it was here 11 days ago but departed even though Finland is the destination country and it should go to customs in Helsinki. But Posti never registered the package, which means it never arrived to customs.

There are no updates since the 9th and the tracking calls the Helsinki-Vantaa airport as a transfer airport. I wonder where the package is going. I can’t ask anything from the Finnish postal service as they haven’t even registered the tracking number so they have no information.

You can check the tracking here: I have no idea where is it going now… 11 days is a long time without an update! Normally I should have the card on my hands by now.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Why would the package leave the destination country, I don’t understand…

My best bet is some postal worker got a hold of your package and then messed up with the destination/return to sender so it will be in limbo for a bit longer…

I wouldn’t be worried about it too much since it usually takes a much longer time for them to correct a mistake like this. Lots of previous threads, such as this one or this one had the same issue.

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This happenes all the time when get atuff from Japan. It arrives in Los Angeles. Then says departed and goes to another customs office. Then finally delivered to me. I’ve had stuff take 1 day in that process and other times take up to 3 months.

I’ll raise you…

When you deal with items that can’t yet get tracked by the local postal service, all you can do is contact the shipper and ask for an investigation to be opened. Good luck!

Looks like it cleared customs now and it’s currently being held there. Is that normal the ‘Held in Customs’ part?

It’s possible the sender got your address or zip code wrong. I would give it a couple days to see if the tracking updates. At least the tracking shows up on the posti site too now. :blush: