Is my card lost? Should I wait or message Ebay seller?

Hello, to begin i’d like to point out I’m not that experienced with posting so I may just be worried for nothing (hopefully).

So I ordered a card on Ebay from a reputable seller on June 17th, everything was going smoothly with the tracking number updating frequently until June 26th.

On June 26th it stated the card got to a place called ‘‘Des Plains, IL, US’’ with ‘‘arrived at terminal location’’

The estimated delivery was this Monday but I thought I’d wait the week before posting anything, and as stated it hasn’t updated at all in a week with that message I had never seen before…

Any help is greatly appreciated, I’m hopeful I’m only worried out of inexperience with the postal services and it’s nothing too bad.

Seems like some people would say wait and see, and or try and put out a claim with the post office of your package. I have a package that arrived in my town distribution center on June 26 and got a update on June 30 (in transit to next facility), I’m going to wait till next Friday before escalating the post office and lastly ebay. I think due to covid19 some delays are expected. I had another package that didn’t get an update from June 25th to today July 3rd.

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Are you ordering international? Especially now, international packages are significantly delayed. Even if you are ordering within the US, I’ve had packages (even Priority Mail packages) drop off tracking for days and even a week or more. They have all arrived safely eventually. I’ve also had packages go to the complete other side of the country before eventually making their way to me.

I would definitely wait at least another couple weeks. You have 180 days from the estimated date of delivery to open an eBay case if I recall correctly, so there is really no rush at all. You’ll get your money back if there is a problem. Asking an eBay seller about delivery this soon into the process may get you blocked and if they’re a reputable seller you want to order from in the future that may be an issue.


I have had a couple packages drop off of the map for anywhere from 3-7 days and they all arrived fine. Covid-19 is causing delays for both domestic and international shipments so I would wait a bit longer and see if it shows up before contacting the seller.

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Thank you so much for your reply! I came here first because the seller I ordered from I’ve used probably 10 times now and this is the first time there’s any issue. It is international (usa to canada) and it did get send priority mail package so I thought it would get here quicker despite the circumstances but obviously not haha.

I’ll definitely wait it out and update the post later. Thanks again!

I don’t bother until about a week before 30 days after the expected delivery. That’s the window Ebay puts on item not received claims


Des Plains, IL, US is a pretty common place for packages to be processed between the U.S. and Canada.

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Happy to help! I’ve sent and received priority packages from Canada recently and the average shipping time has been about a month. The international sort facilities are black holes and packages can sit there for a long time. Definitely nothing to worry about at the moment, although it is quite annoying.

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@gengarguy, @lebleu, @pkmnflyingmaster, @lebleu,

Please don’t order anything from me lol.
I’m still waiting for two packages from April. I’ve had a few take 2 months+. A couple had ZERO updates. Why would I contact the seller or ebay? What can they do?
Just chill out and forget about it. Don’t stress the tracking. Over half are only being scanned if they’re label up on the conveyer belts. When it comes it comes.
I may not even provide tracking numbers.

An observation. It seems the majority of complaints come from USA citizens whereas international people are much more understanding. Has anybody else noticed that?

Did you even read what I said? I literally wait until the last moment when my protection offered by ebay expires. I’ve only had to do this once before out of hundreds of orders. I’d love to wait longer but I’m not willing to compromise my protection. If the item shows up after it’s been refunded I’d gladly pay for it again.

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Hi gary, thanks for your input !

My post was mostly just to put my mind at ease since usually when ordering from canada to the u-s I had never experienced a parcel not updating, but I’ve ordered since 2016 (Which is a small sample).

I’ve also ordered 3 cards the same day and the other 2 are still updating, which was an addition to my nervousness.

Also it’s too late on your request, I have ordered from you before and I was more than happy, everything went smooth! Haha

Thanks for your reply, I’ll keep that in mind in case it happens!

Things are excruciating with the post office right now. I have several overnight items taking 3-4 days. It’s a disaster. COVID is wreaking havoc.

Have you had any issues with Canada customs?

Not usually no, this is the first time I’m experiencing something like this. Even when I ordered from Japan in the past things went pretty smoothly.

International package of mine was “in transit to next facility” since April 30. Got an update from post office yesterday, stating that it will be delivered today. As long as you have buyer protection I would recommend waiting a bit longer.

FYI: it was a package shipped from US to the Netherlands.


Similar situation for me. Had a package sent from US to Sweden with last update on April 25. No news at all until yesterday when I got a text from customs that they have my package, so I’ll probably get it next week (Yay!).


Actually the same for me as well. I had three packages shipped within the first two weeks of April from the US to me in The Netherlands. One arrived Friday last week, one arrived past Tuesday, and one arrived today. All three of them were shipped with USPS and tracking, and had gaps of roughly 3-5 weeks between some of the tracking updates.

Of course domestic shipping within the US is different than international, so gaps of more than a week are rare. But I would just be patient and follow @pkmnflyingmaster’s advice of waiting until just before the time frame of the protection will end.

For cheap cards I usually don’t worry too much. Some do get lost (still waiting for a package shipping in December for example…), but then I’ll just try to find the same card elsewhere and take my loss. With more expensive orders I do open a case with eBay/PayPal/CardMarket before their (annoyingly short) time frame expires. If the package arrives after all, I will repay the amount the seller refunded me again.