[Warning: Blasphemy] Best way to get cards out of PSA cases?

I’m at a point where some of the cards needed to finish my full binder sets are almost impossible to find in near mint+/mint ungraded condition. I’ve bought PSA 9’s in the past for things like Skyridge or Aquapolis holos and cracked them open using a lineman’s pliers and screwdriver. But this process is nervewracking and stressful, and I’ve accidentally damaged two holos. I’m now setting my sights on completing base set 1st edition in PSA 8.5+ condition, but as everyone knows mint ungraded holos are basically nonexistent – and I don’t fancy cracking open $600 cards with a pliers. And yes, it’s worth it to me to have this set in a binder, I’ve always been a binder collector at heart and that’s where I get the most joy from my collection. So I’m genuinely considering buying a mini electric circular saw to crack open the cases. Anyone have experience with this they care to share? (Or a mint 1st Ed. base set holo set, haha).

A fine tooth bandsaw would probably work better. If you really must have them out of the cases.

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This is always a little dangerous but I have used the sharp cutter portion on a pair of pliers to crack the corners and try to separate the two slabs. I much prefer this method over attempting to saw it, lol.

It’ll come apart and once you crack the corners it’s fairly self-explanatory, just make sure to stay away from the card and you’ll be fine. It’s far from rocket science :blush:

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing (cracking the corners), but it’s easy to accidentally damage the card when you pry the case open with a screwdriver or knife, and plastic often flies everywhere.

I second a stationery band saw. You don’t want to take anything with a large tooth blade to it or anything that You have to free hand. I dont have any personal experience cracking open cases but if I were going to do it I would go at it the same way that you want to cut something like plexiglass or acrylic. Not sure if you have access to one or are willing to spend $150+ on a cheap one though.

This or a hacksaw with a fine blade or a coping saw, Only problem i could see with a saw is the dust getting onto the holos… Maybe just leave them alone? :blush:

In all honesty, the older cases could be opened with a pair of pliers and a butter knife without endangering the card inside, the new cases are a different beast, though. And probably a good thing.


What about a Dremel? They have many different types of devices with a thousand attachments. I’m sure you could find something and they are super handy around the house for small jobs.

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The best way to get cards out of PSA cases? By never putting them into those butt-ugly plastic prisons in the first place! :rofl:

Thanks everyone, I’ve considered a dremel and may get a small one. millhouse, do you mean the brand new (multi color with QR code) or just the 2nd style (silver PSA holo label instead of colored)? And japanime, these aren’t cards I’ve sent in myself, but one’s I’m buying

A dremel would work. I’d probably use a clamp to hold the case in place for safety reasons, you don’t want the dremel to catch the case and send it flying toward you or out of your hand into a wall. Make sure you’re very straight in your cut if free handing it with a dremel and use it on the highest speed setting.

For everyone recommending a fine tooth bandsaw, I would actually suggest a scroll saw. Much smaller blade, and designed to be much easier to work with small cuts.

You want to get a quality name brand like a dewalt or porter cable, or you will cuss yourself.