Opening a PSA case

Can someone show me how to open a PSA case safely without damaging the case or card?

The case is sonically sealed. You can’t open it without damaging the case.

Okay is there a way to open the case without the damaging the card?

Use a box cutter only opened so a 1/4" to 1/3" of the blade is exposed. Dig it into one of the top corner sealed edges. Once penetrating the case, slowly wiggle the cutter a little bit back and forth as you make your way around the perimeter.

Now this is important…If you’re going to regrade the card, SAVE THE TAG/LABEL. After you get your grades back MAIL THE LABELS to

PSA, Professional Sports Authenticator
ATTN. Laura Rosenberg
P.O. Box 6180
Newport Beach, CA 92658

She will see to it that the result gets deducted from the population report which will help maintain the integrity of that record.


Hey, I tried using a box cutter, but it still won’t budge open. How long should this take?

Did you make your way around the case? I have another way of opening it but it involves a hammer. :blush:

I usually get a pair of scissors and slice the blade on the seal on the top two corners. Once iv got a decent gap sliced in I get a flat head screw driver and move it back and forth in the gap till it cracks.

The PSA cases I get opened in less than a minute with zero chance of card damage using my method above. The video above is riskier and slower.

I heard Beckett cases are nearly impossible to open

I am honestly considering switching to beckett. I don’t plan on selling and their cases seem to allow less movement with that inner sleeve…and I feel the slabs look better.

@mkpokecc, I agree with you. I’m also thinking of crossing some of my trophy cards over to Beckett. The last 3 cards I sent to PSA are all moving inside the case. The sleeve that Beckett uses gives added protection and keeps the card in place inside the case. The regular Beckett case is also twice the thickness of PSA’s case.

The over-all case quality seems a lot nicer. The only thing holding me back is that I have hear mixed reviews of their grading accuracy…then again I can say the same about PSA. However, from an atheistic and safety aspect I just might make the switch.

Aesthetically I prefer the PSA cases still. I find Beckett labels unflattering.

yup exactly my thoughts. And I would even say a PSA 10 is worth more than a Beckett’s 10?!

Worth is irrelevant in this instance.