Proper way of cracking a PSA card

Hi guys I don’t know how controversial this topic can be so my apologies ahead of time.

The only reason I am considering this is is because I want to get some cards autographed. I know, I know, but it’s just the way I prefer it; no offense to anyone but I do not like seeing the PSA case autographed plus I’m pretty sure the signature can be affected. So I wanted to go ahead and ask:

What’s the safest way to crack them open?
How do I properly return the label to avoid affecting the POP report?

I plan to eventually resubmit them again to have them safely preserved :blush:

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Easy peasy bro!


Thanks papi :joy:!!!

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I know you want to do this with the PSA 10 Charizard line from Ex Dragon, but I wish you’d just buy some NM copies to get signed and authenticated!!


What cards?

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Pls this. Cracking a 10 Charizard is heartbreaking.


My Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard EX Dragon lol. Why is everyone so against this? Is it the possibility of damaging the cards or the possibility of not getting a 10 when I send them back? :slightly_frowning_face:


This is such a bad idea. I could understand if it were a sport card of a rookie card that is highly coveted. This is a very very bad idea.

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Guys, I hear everyone saying its a bad idea. I am all ears, why exactly? Is it because of possible damage? I am not against of getting NM versions and getting those autographed instead I just want to hear the reasoning because I haven’t done it before.

yes it is because of damage. I’ve damaged quite a few cards breaking over 100 cases. About 5-10 in total. The plastic doesn’t always break evenly. There are sharp edges. You have to put a tool in between the card and plastic to open it. Sometimes it slips and you press right into the card.

About the grading. You are not guaranteed you will get 10s again. By taking it out the card can get damaged even if taken out smoothly. Contrary to what people believe cards get damaged in non PSA cases.

Why take an unnecessary risk? You are taking a chance at losing lots of money for no Good reason.


Thanks for the clarification buddy. I’m gonna do my best to acquire some NM ones before the event :blush: Like I said I’ve never done this so I was confused as to why everyone was no no no but no explanation lol.

Can a card still get a 10 with a signature?

Yes! You can shoot for a 10 card grade and 10 auto grade. That is if you can convince someone to sign rayquaza cards :wink: :blush:


Lol nice!

Seems kinda strange though since getting an auto on just a regular card is technically “damaging” it. But sports cards do it all the time so makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

WRONG WRONG GUYS! Alll wrong…the correct and only way to crack a PSA case is illustrated below.Thank me later,
K Thnx Bai


Thanks, worked like a charm! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to bump this topic, but although I was very hesitant to do this, I just couldn’t find a NM/M ungraded copy so I bought a PSA-graded one instead (for about the same price I would have bought the ungraded copy for) and cracked it open using the method of Rusty’s video:

It worked like a charm, and I was extra careful not to damage the card.

But the reason I bumped this thread is for the follow-up question: is there a page I can submit pictures to PSA as prove I’ve cracked it open, so the card can be removed from the POP report? Or is the only way to send the label to PSA by post?..


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Contact their customer support and tell them you’d like to remove a card from the pop report…you’ll need to physically send them the label I believe.

@quuador you can just mail them the labels :blush: I did this for some of my autographed cards… I wanted to buy NM-Ms that were already graded before I had them authographed :blush:

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