How to break open a Beckett Case

I want to open the case so I can send it to psa. What’s the best way to do it without damaging the card.

I’ve broken open a lot of them. Flip it over, notice how on the back there’s a main frame that includes the front face, and there’s the back face that is inserted into the frame of the front of the case. This rectangular seam on the back is what you have to attack. Use a screwdriver, and work at this seam to break it. Eventually you’ll be able to break the pieces apart enough to pull the card out. It is sealed into a plastic sleeve, just cut the sleeve open and remove your card. Hope that helps!

Think it’ll get a better grade?

In my experience I’ve almost always got a lower grade when going from Beckett to PSA. 9 → 8, 8.5 -->8, and shockingly 9 → 6.5 on a Charizard that was noticeably damaged (surface/ slight crease across the whole back). Anything else has regraded the same.

Edit: Post your before and after (Beckett to PSA) grade for comparison if you can!

I think it will get the same grade a 9