WANT: THAI Electrode from Jet Black Spirit

Thai: Electrode Jet Black Spirit - 35 USD


On your list of Japanese Base cards that you already have, are those with our without rarity symbols?

The first run/s of Pokemon base cards in 1996 do not have rarity symbols on them. So you’ll have to add those to your list if your looking for every type.

Think of them as the real First edition Base cards ever made :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got that one for Voltorb but I’m looking for Electrode without the rarity symbol. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how many I need per language to have them all.

Although, I am a bit confused on a few Japanese ones… Like to the Delta Species or Emerald sets have more than one type of code per common on the bottom left corner of the card? I dont think they do, but I’m unsure. The other thing I was unsure about was if National Beginning set had a 1st edition run or not. I haven’t seen anything about that yet though so I’m thinking it doesnt. I think thats it for the confusion for the Japanese collection I have lol

If anyone knows the answer to any of that, please let me know!

I never actually knew that. Hmm. :open_mouth:

Ah, that’s too bad. I was hoping we might be able to work out a trade. I’m really hoping to assemble two more complete sets of the Japanese Base set with no rarity symbols. The single cards are becoming harder and harder to find.

Also, are you looking just for TCG cards, or are you also interested in Voltorb/Electrode cards from other lineups? I’ve got some 1990s-era Japanese Carddass cards available.

I have about 20 doubles I’ll let you know which ones they are when I get home. I’m looking to complete just 1 set we might be able to help each other out :grin:

Sorry… I wish I could help. I’m not interested in anything other than TCG at the moment. I want to focus on that until I’m at least close to being done. Then I’ll probably want some other lineups. I’d like to see what you have in the future though :blush: You dont have any of the TCG ones I need though, do you?

Are you referring to Japanime?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the Japanese cards you’re looking for. All of my cards and merchandise are pre-2002. Sorry…

No problem! I’m having a hard time finding unlimited cards though. It seems that 1st editions are more common. I am looking into getting a middle man for Yahoo! Japan but I dont have too much money to spend on the Japanese cards now so I’ll have to wait. I’m hoping to get most in the US or through trades.

good luck on your collection. Hope you post some pictures up soon

I’m planning on it :blush: I’ve got 254 so far of the 496. But I’m going to wait until the summer because by then I should get about 70-80 more. I’m hoping to complete the Chinese and Portuguese portion by the end of the summer too… but that will be a challenge haha

Either way, I’ll make a collection thread during the summer and post pictures of my current collection.

I’ve heard that the latest Portuguese cards have two different prints. One for the Portuguese market and one for the Brazilian market. The words on the cards for the Brazilian market are a little bit different than the Portuguese cards.

Telling him the above information is like a double edge sword… It hurts him so much because he has to pour out more money but at the same time he’s happy to find out that his collection will be complete complete at the end.

I’ve heard something similar to that before as well. Do you know what sets that applies to?

bumpity bump! Mainly looking for Korean Base Voltorb and Electrode in Unlimited!

I can ask to my korean friend for the Voltorb and Electrode from base set unlimited. I’ll send you a reply here if I can found them.

Thanks! I hope they have some! If anything, maybe they would know of a Facebook group or forum for Korean Pokemon players? I used a Chinese Facebook group and some Portuguese ones to help complete my collection in those languages.

Ok, thanks! Whenever you find out, let me know! I probably wont be focusing on Japanese until I have Korean and Portuguese done. Hopefully by January or February.

Bump! I’ve been seeing a lot of unlimited Japanese Torbs and Trodes on Y!J auctions pop up recently so I know they are out there! Anyone have some to sell?