Updating PSA cases

Does PSA allow people to send their case in for upgrading to their newer style?


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Yup, the basic reholder cost $7 and turnaround varies by demand. I recently sent in cards to be reholdered and it took 2 business to be entered into the system and then 14 business days to be done

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Do you happen to know if they need to replace the entire case or just the label?

They replace everything, the case & label.

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Wouldn’t that potentially put the card at risk?

If I wanted to get a whole set reholdered, imagine Jungle complete set and I sent them all in, would the PSA cert numbers come back in a row or would there be gaps? I’d only want a set reholdered if it would be sequential

Well that’s disappointing

Yes but if you put the value of the card on the submission form that is enough incentive for them to do a good job because they don’t wanna have to pay you for damaging your card.
There’s always a risk. Shipping, handling, storing. Everything has its risks.


The cert is generated when initially graded. The only way to get sequential certs would be to submit them for grading a second time around in the proper order.
I think you’re an outlier when it comes to wanting a sequentially numbered set. It seems a bit OCD. :grin:

It would be kinda cool but most people don’t care.

Now I know we can do that too…