Upgrade PSA holder before selling?

I recently got my hands on a PSA 9 1st edition Charizard and was hoping for some advice on selling. The PSA case is older as evidenced by the lack of hologram and different font.

My question is would this older PSA case generate more or less interest in the card? The low cert number is pretty interesting to me as I’ve never seen anything that low. I have a PSA membership so I could easily get this into a brand new case but wanted to know others experience with “older” PSA slabs.


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I think other than for consistency for someone who has a large collection in old cases, the new ones are pretty much objectively better in every way. Cards look nicer in them, they are less flimsy/prone to cracking, and of course the added security stickers are nice as well. I’ve seen many scenarios where buyers were deterred from buying a card because it was in an old case (myself included) whereas the opposite seems to happen much less frequently. Of course, this is purely anecdotal.


the question is… should you review it/send for a new case…

You can do both at once… and erm xuzu got his upgraded to a 10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Can I have them review it with the understanding that I only want it changed if it’s from a 9 to a 10? Sounds like I should at the very least get it re-cased and keep it a 9.

Haha. No. That’s not quite how it works. If they are re-regrading, it gets what it gets. I sure wish they offered the upgrade only service!

As for re-holdering, it is your call. With cards of value like these, the cost is pretty easily justified as negligible. If it makes you feel more confident in it, it’s worth it I’d say.

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That being said, if it bumps down a grade or so, PSA should reimburse the value difference based on their grade guarantee…

So long story short, it should never go down a grade in the review process, because they don’t want to pay up and admit they got it wrong.


I believe wholeheartedly that PSA does not account for card value when assessing grades, but if anyone wants to fuss about that I can link them to the search function.

Reimbursing for value difference is a worthwhile remark for the unacquainted.

Absolutely, we don’t want to turn this into another PSA bashing thread.

I think it would be worth sending in for a re-grade and new holder. Can both be done at the same time though?

Never had this question come up. Would be nice if somehow it was possible.

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I’ll blaze the trail and post back here with results. Cross your fingers for a 10.

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i like the old cases probably just like the fact it was graded ages ago before everyone started grading

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yeah xuzu did it for sure… I was told by smpratte theyve never ever givin a grade down in his eperience… its really wierd what churlocker saying… quite a shock… YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW ERRYDAY

They 100% do drop the grade in rare cases and they have in my own personal experience. I detailed some of it in the PSA errors thread a while back. It was a situation in which a few cards were in a case 9/10/whatever that it clearly did not meet the criteria for, due to some harsh corner damage. They had me send it in for review and they cracked the cards and recased with 3/4/5/6 whatever the card actually deserved and paid me the price difference under their grade guarantee.

*Note that was all a special situation that I reached out to them before hand regarding some of my own freshly graded cards. I didn’t just simply submit them for review without contacting them first. They did it all for free and paid shipping both ways plus the reimbursement in voucher form for a discount off my next grading.


While we’re on the topic of regrading and holdering, I have a mislabeled stage error blastoise that doesn’t say “Stage error” on the label. Should I send it in for a reholder and make a note to fix the label? I know you can send in a mislabeled card as “Mechanical Error” after you contact PSA but as I said, I didn’t submit this card myself.

What should I do guys? Sorry to hijack your thread OP.

Up until a few years ago all the no stage errors were undesignated. If that’s the case with yours simply send it in for recasing and designation.

So I received the Charizard yesterday and it definitely wouldn’t get a PSA 10 so I submitted it for a Reholder only. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a 1st edition Charizard in person. My life is changed forever haha.

I submitted my first PSA submission and sent it off today, including the Zard. The total submission was 40 cards so wish me luck! I really enjoyed the process of prepping and packaging my favorite cards. Hoping to make some money off some cards but I’m keeping most for my collection.


Good luck for sure. Keep us posted:)

Does anyone know if PSA will reprint the label when you send an old card in to get reholdered.

Someone should make a PSA F.A.Q thread for reholdering and reviews.

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That would be pretty cool. Theres a thread for just about everything else PSA related.