[Update]: WTF USPS. Someone smashed my box

I just got a notification that PSA couldn’t accept my recent’ PSA submission because it looks like someone tried to open up the box and remove items. It’s PSA’s policy to not even verify if anything is missing. Many of the cards in this order were ones I really really needed to complete my collection. I only insured it for $500 but there was closer to $1500 inside. The online Log in to your PayPal account only lets you insure up to $500 BUT If I go to the electronic Kiosk in the post office I can insure for several thousand. I had the funds in my paypal not my bank account to ship and i had to ship out so it would be post marked for decemebers special. I talked to PSA and they will let me resubmit the order again in January for Decembers special price. If my cards weren’t stolen.

Since the cards were going to the PO box owned by PSA I don’t see how this could be done by anyone other than a postal worker. I’m going to get to the bottom of it and I will try to get the person responsible fired and jail time. I am fucking furious and needed to vent. Remember to insure your items for the full value or slightly over.

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It could have been done by a machine.

I had 4 PSA brown boxes. I use the boxes I get for my returns to send my submission. I’m sure the the whole space was filled up. Either all or 2 boxes were stolen.

How could a machine do that?

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You should see the damage their machinery can do. I received a package that the bottom was ground away.

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This is what my box would look like full except it would have 4 of these brown boxes. At least 2 boxes were stolen. I have a serious question if this was an honest mistake or a theft why would no one say something? If I was a postal carrier at stop 2 and I got this damaged like this from stop 1 then I would make a note of it. My contact info is inside the box and I should be notified. This would limit the list of people from who could have done this.


I dont see the two boxes that should still be there.

This happened to me back in October/November.

I distinctly remember someone on this forum telling me that anything with tracking is scanned and photographed at every stage of the delivery process.

Fortunately for me, all of my cards were intact and I could re-submit.


File a Mail Theft Complaint
Report these issues to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service online:

Mail theft (link sends an email to USPS - please select “Problem” under Inquiry Type, then under Customer Service, select Support, and Mail Theft. Please articulate why your complaint is mail theft related in the “additional information” section).
All information is voluntary, but the more you provide, the more likely it is that we can help you. We may share your information with other agencies if it comes under their jurisdiction. See the Privacy Act Statement for more details. This site uses secure methods to transfer data.

If you prefer to file your complaint over the phone, please call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

The Postal Inspection Service will contact you only if more information is needed. We gather data on mail-related crime to determine whether a violation has occurred. While we can’t guarantee we can recover lost money or items, your information can help alert Postal Inspectors to problem areas and possibly prevent others from being victimized. Inspectors base their investigations on the number, substance and pattern of complaints. We ask you to keep all original documents related to your complaint.

Report problems with mail delivery or service to the U.S. Postal Service.

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That’s really rough man. With stuff like this I would caution to avoid jumping to conclusions. I think someone stealing your stuff is highly unlikely. If anything is missing, it probably fell out after the damage was sustained. Of course, that would still mean the cards are gone.

Hopefully everything is still there and nothing is damaged. If anything is gone, the $500 insurance coverage might cover what’s missing. But again, that really sucks, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

I know that’s its unlikely and that’s why I put possible. I will be contacting the postal inspectors. Last time I had a huge fuck up of over $2000 the postal inspectors visited my post office. I heard from my mail carrier there were ass chewings handed out. I make sure to give my mail carrier nice christmas gifts and got to know him. I know from my local area he looks after it even more because of my previous issues. I hope all gets sorted out. It’s not even the value that bothers me. It’s the cards. Many of these I needed for my PSa 10 ex goal even to a lesser degree I needed all the FRLG rev holos. They werne’t worth much but to me they were worth a lot.


Sometimes they find loose items, and mail them to their origin.

I really hope they can find out where this went wrong, this is a collectors nightmare.


It used to be if they had proof of theft, you were terminated and prosecuted.


That sucks man I hope you find your cards and they are as you left them when you shipped them. I know how much you want to finish that ex Set.

I will Pray to the Sun God


So sorry for your predicament. Just awful.

I have been fighting with Joe as well as Bobby Deuster for years about something policy wise.
I never posted it here because most people here are super excited about turnaround times plus PSA wouldn’t appreciate it but for anybody who would like three little tips pm me and I’ll give them to you privately.

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Sorry to read this mate, what a goat fuck. The smaller boxes that seem to be missing, is there anything in there with your details? Hopefully they just fell out and can be returned to you. Keep us posted

Luckily there wernt any english gold stars and stuff in there… BUt this is really shit, and its probably going to be hard to get those older cards back in that condition…

Crazy. Sucks to see it happen to you, man. I never thought to re-use their boxes but that is a great idea. Double boxed, looks like a legit pack job and its awful to see this. Only step I go a little further on is to use packing tape around the whole perimiter of the box in each direction. The only un-taped portion of my boxes are the scan label as they instruct.

Not that it helps in this case, but yes please do always insure for full cards value plus grading fees. You can do this by printing your postage directly on USPS website, as I insured my last one for $5,000 no problem. Skip the paypal site if it limits to $500, that isn’t useful for most submissions. I always go through and assign values as if I will get a crazy good 10 percentage and figure out what the values would be and then add on the grading cost as whatever you insure for is what PSA will insure for on the way back as well. If I was submitting a single gem mint 1st ed charizard you know I would insure for $5k in case it was a 10. At the very least insure for your cost plus grading fees. Insurance isn’t cheap, but once you already are buying it for a fair amount, it doesn’t cost a whole lot more to double/triple it.

Hopefully you get most of your cards back in the shape you sent them out in and the cause of this is found. Good luck.


Wow thats crazy never seen anything like this happen. I personally use fedex to ship to PSA as it cost slightly more but its a next day international deliver I gave up on Royal mail/USPS to send cards to PSA as it just took too long and I am pretty low on patience. Id suggest wrapping the box in tape. I wrap browntapen twice over the box and jst mark where to blade for opening just to give the box slightly more protection from it opening or ripping apart from getting wet etc.

Hope your able to get to the bottom of it and find your cards.

Yikes , sounds like nothing but a headache. Hope for the best Mike

Update: The box arrived at my post office yesterday. I went to the post office because it wasn’t saying out for delivery. They told me it was given to the postal carrier to return and that its not being tracked now. I spoke to my mail guy and he had no clue. I went back to the post office today and waited to speak to a supervisor because no one knew where my package was. I got a phone call saying it was dropped off and I left home to see what awaits.

Good News. All the boxes are there. The hole was big enough for them to fall out but the PSA boxes were turned long/length wise compared to the hole. I use the PSA boxes for my submission and thankfully it did it’s job. One
of the 4 submission boxes was partially crushed. It was the box with the PSA cards in it that I was sending in for review. Had they been just the cards for the regular submission I think it would have been bent.

I spoke to PSA the day they informed me of the damage and refusal to accept. They are allowing me to resubmit the order with the same specials as December. I really needed these cards to complete my collection and a good majority were just ex FRLG rev holo commons/uncoomons that aren’t worth much but I really like.