PSA Question

Hey guys!

Today I got notification that PSA has refused one of my submission packages and has labelled it as return to sender.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why this would be. Has anyone here had experience with PSA refusing a package? The package conformed to their strict guidelines, and was shipped like all of my other accepted submissions. =(

Wierd, keep me updated on why is was not accepted Ryan

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More info like what cards and a screen shot of the communication?

Normal bulk submission for regular cards. Here is the screen I got from USPS;

I have contacted PSA, but due to timezones it is exceptionally difficult to get hold of them.

Thanks Gary!

Is there any chance at all that there is postage due?

How about a damaged package?

Those are the only two things I’ve ever seen that produced a refusal. Could be something else I suppose though.

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no idea but i know of people/companies refusing acceptance if they believe the package has been tampered with or the contents stolen?

I had a fleeting thought that they may have refused because the package was opened already, but only customs would open it, surely?

No postage due, it’s the second highest postage tier you can get in Aus. I’ve sent multiple packages like this with no worries.

The package was sent immaculate when it went out, but anything is possible I guess.


It says it was undeliverable as addressed. Are you sure that you typed in the address correctly? Also, aren’t USPS packages supposed to go to their Newport Beach location? Just a couple thoughts, but I am not sure :confused:

Happened to me twice,

-PSA Customer service Will contact you via email once the package arrives back to them asking you to verify your address and telephone number. Next, (Sharyl or some other shipping manager)will call you and ask you to verbally verify the shipping address again.
-They may give you a 10-15 dollar voucher off your next PSA submission, or give you a pack of x100 card savers.
-Once they get their hands back on the package their fairly quick about the whole process, It’s just a matter of WHEN they’ll see that returned package from USPS is the problem. They seem to use the slowest channels when returning an item back to its source.

Ahh yes…“couldn’t be delivered as addressed” it says at the top. It’s real blurry and I couldn’t read it. So it much be an incorrect or damaged address.

He means his package that he sent (a submission) was refused. I believe what you’re talking about is when a return is not delivered.

The address is 100% correct. Here is a snippet of the package I sent;

It says on the tracking it went to Newport Beach where delivery was attempted but refused.

This is all very confusing.

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This situation sucks man, good thinking to take a picture.

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Oh right, I missed that it indeed go to Newport Beach. Hmm that’s weird. Maybe customs opened it and PSA thought it was tampered with so they sent it back (or they were being charged customs fees)…

Either way, hopefully you find out what happened and can get a reasonable solution with that. Kinda stinks since international shipping takes a while.

Yeah. I used a 4 day service which I doubt I’ll get back.

It wouldn’t be a customs issue as I’ve sent packages with higher values and they are being graded right now.

This whole thing sucks!

It all looks perfect to me…that’s definitely weird.

Call them and ask them?? I have no clue.

Finally got through to PSA and they informed me the only reason it would be refused is because it was tampered with or it was damaged.

This is obviously devestating news to me as not only are my cards there, but several others too. I’m hoping it just looks tampered with and that it is the fault of customs in Aus or the US.

I’ll keep everyone updated. PSA assured me that it will be returned to sender with the same priority I sent it so it should be back early next week.

Again I’m really devestated.


shit! really hoping all the cards are fine

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That’s really strange mate, hope it all works out relatively quickly, let us know how it goes.