cracked PSA case... thanks USPS!

Hey guys… I just received this in the mail yesterday… It was obvious to see that it was damaged in the mail…I figured I would ask you guys for advice on what to do here? I realize this is not the sellers fault… should I just eat the loss here? Will USPS stand behind this (LOL) ? Thanks… P.S. thank GOD it was not a high end card…

I could be wrong but doesnt usps come with a standard $50 insurance on tracked priority packages ?

Regardless was it shipped securely? If not id probably be disappointed with the seller. If it was, then that sucks

It was shipped usps first class package in a bubble mailer. This is how I ship all my cards below $500. I can’t blame the seller here…

USPS’ fault. Something extremely heavy must have been placed on the package for it to snap like that

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Obviously USPS’ fault, but according to eBay rules the seller is responsible for the item getting to your door securely. So if you were to open a return case you’d win. Something like this really sucks because either you or the seller are on the hook for something you aren’t responsible for. If you’ve got an order going to PSA soon, I might just crack the card out and send it in to be regraded, as it doesn’t look like it’s damaged. You could also try to work out a partial refund with the seller to cover some of those costs.


If I was seller (and it has happened) I’d work with you and give a partial refund. Sucks but part of doing business. If he is a good seller he/she will work with you and get it resolved. USPS will take zero responsibility here

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I messaged seller yesterday with pictures. I said “I realize this is not your fault it’s USPS fault”. Then I asked him if he would be willing to split the loss?. Still haven’t heard back. Once I’ve heard back from the seller I will probably crack it and send it in with my next submission, like you said. I will send the PSA label also.

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Is there a reason USPS wouldn’t cover this under insurance? It sucks but at the end of the day it is the sellers responsibility to get the item to the buyer safely. I’d just discuss with them a possible insurance claim with USPS, if nothing can be done there splitting the loss seems fair and you just resubmit it.

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Ouch that’s rough.

Which is such a load of BS. It’s beyond ridiculous that the post office is allowed to get away with not doing their jobs and place the blame on somebody else.

The post office is supposed to deliver things. That is LITERALLY THEIR JOB. It’s like a mechanic loosening a tire on your car, and then holding you responsible for “not getting the car back to your home securely” when the tire comes off as you’re driving home.

There is literally no other job in the world where you can fail—and sometimes on a grand scale—and just say “Oh well, not my fault.”

Oh, and want to make sure the USPS does its job properly? Then you can PURCHASE insurance to ensure they do. Imagine being a barber and telling your client that they need to pay you “insurance” up front in case you accidentally shave off their sideburns. It really is asinine.

I also understand that this is not just limited to eBay, so this isn’t a case where we can further pile on eBay’s horrendous seller “protection.” This is about the ineptitude and pass-the-buck mentality of the post office.

Here, both the buyer and the seller lose out while USPS will get off scot free. Same old story, and the worst part is that nothing can ever even really be done about it.


wow! Looks like a serious damage. Did he packed good? Honestly, I really can’t image how the heck that could happen? If you use bubble wrap + padded envelope, its gonna be literally impossible to crush it, unless you throw it against a wall your hit it with a hammer.

No. Many mail typed are thrown together. If this mailer is on a slant, and a heavy box gets thrown in the bin, this can easily happen,

Was the card/case just put in bare or was it wrapped in cardboard?

The PSA card was sleeved, then inside a felt bag, then inside a fancy gold metallic padded bubble mailer. No cardboard unfortunately. I can see where something ripped through the outer bubble mailer, then the felt bag, then broke the case. The damage was all in the same location.

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graded power?


@pierce yes

I would be surprised if Jim didn’t look after you, good luck


Quick update. The seller got back to me this morning. I offered to split the loss here, instead he offered me a full refund. I gladly excepted! I highly recommend graded power.


Unless this card was packaged adequately in a box, then yeah the seller did not package it properly.

PSA + soft bubble mailers = no.
Takes one postal dude to step on it and its cracked. Doesn’t take a genius to work that out.