I’ll pm Bluey and see if we can get it added as a skin on here. And I wanted to sticky one of the chats on here.

If anyone has any other ideas feel free to chime in.

I like the chat, but I feel like I forget about it when it is in a separate window/tab, so having it on-site seems like it would be helpful.

Yeah the chat directly on the site is really nice. I can even make it so it appears on all pages instead of just the first page.

Bluey what code are you good at?
I took a course at school this year and have a bit of coding experience in Java and Flash… xD
This is what… html?

We are talking to the “tech” person about adding it. I think it is something everyone will enjoy.

On Chatango it refreshes?

There is a little refresh button located on the chat itself. I know there are other chats I can imbed into the site that automatically refresh - like the chat on PTP’s blog. But you’ll have to make an account and login to that one.

@pokemontrader: I’m more of a HTML and PHP person. :wink: My biggest strength is graphic design though. If I can’t code something off the top of my head, I can usually find what I need by Google searching. xD

Oh yeah, I can easily do that. :blush:

It looks good now guys. Go check the test site out! :blush:

Here ya go;

upccctestsite.proboards.com/index.cgi :blush:

I don’t see it…

It’s on the main page. It’s only loaded for me once today… So maybe you’re having problems with it as well.