Chat Rooms?

At first that seems like an awesome idea, except we have had our fair share of trolls as it is. I don’t know if it can be done in pro-boards, but if it can I would be for it.

Is the feature available on a paid version of pro-boards??

I use a chat client called IRC a lot for other forums that I’m on. I might be able to set up a chat room with that. One can get into the room by downloading a client, or by simply going onto a website that can do it. If other people are interested, I can set a channel up for us.

I’m very sure ProBoards has a chat room feature that’s free. I use to use it when I ran forums.

I set up an IRC channel.
Follow these instructions here:
The channel name is “#upccc

If there’s one for the site, chances are it’d glitchy (it’d probably be java, which sucks), and you’d need to have it open in a different tab then what you’re doing on anywhere else.
With IRC, it works extremely well and people can join in-browser or they can download a client. I have been on forums with a chat built in, and believe me, it’s not as good as it sounds.

Tolan thank you very much! It’s great someone has put in there own time and effort in setting it up for us all. Just to see how it works… I think i’m in the chat room. Would someone else like to join me? :blush:

I’m on :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to figure out how to get it working! And thanks for the post Tolan! I have always wanted a chat option on here.

What is the name of the room you are in?

I had no idea what I was doing either aha, all you do in click on the “provides a Webchat client.” bit then type in #upccc at the channel box and give yourself a nickname. You don’t need to download anything :blush:

the name is #upccc

Might as well give it a go too

Same problem! I think theres a text bar at the bottom and you probably press enter

Yup, its really small and just press enter

Try mibbit out, or download a client. It’ll work better.


@dj/smpratte/ If you want to add a chatroom on UPCCC, you can do - go into the admin section. There was definitely an option there last time I remember.

I remember thinking it looked a little bit clumsy, but hey we’re not paying for hosting so its good enough :grin:

Dogma, if it’s a built in chat, chances are it will be like, terrible compared to IRC. Hop on and try it out ;D

I wouldn’t mind a chat room on here! Someone, please make it happen :stuck_out_tongue: I have never used IRC and have no idea how :confused:

We’re on now, it’s working quite nicely!

Click the link. Click the hyperlink on there that says webchat. Add a username and enter #upccc and you’re on

So far this has worked well! Tolan is a wizard with the inner workings of everything so he can help!

Oh and how to enter the chat just click that link and type: #upccc

@frostyfluxy(Chuckles) I completely forgot that an account exists for me already. You can count me in – I will check in on occasion :>