Just a passing thought…perhaps it could be cool to make the forums more than just for card collectors…perhaps just the Ultimate Pokemon Collectors Club? Could have sub forums specifically for plushes, games etc? Sorry if my idea is poop haha :blush:

Tbh, you can post whatever here and people will be interested I think. The forum is geared towards card collectors, but we have lots of space for other discussion!


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For general pokemon, pokecommunity is a pretty good forum. Just dont visit the card section.

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Here we focus on the card collecting aspect of pokemon.

Pkmncollectors is a site that focuses moreso on the merch side of things if that is more your alley.
I know places like serebii and gamefaqs deal more in the video game portion :blush:

I agree with you. I have wanted for years a site that would welcome all collectors.

Pokegym does but pop and the rest are jackasses when at their best;)


Yeah, I just really dislike the other forums… upccc was always a step above the rest.

Personally I probably collect the pokemon video games hardest out of anyone here on the forum, but pokemontcg is my number 1 aspect of collecting, so I house here.

I still share my side collections in the other threads, and we can branch out here sort of.

I guess I see your point with upcc … It probably would help the site get a bit more attention?

This is a good point.
Maybe having side collectibles represented that caters to only their rarest and highest end items could attract some much welcome members. Plus, some may cross over into our lair:)

I know someone that collects toys and as far as I know she is not on any forum.

Double check with them?