Attaching Photos...The Dark Ages

Is it impossible for us to add a button on here where we can immediately load a pic from our computer?

Is it just me or would anybody else appreciate that ability?


Second that

yup would be great

Yeah, wouldn’t be a bad idea :blush:

Impossible for ‘us’ as in the admins/@smpratte. Yes, impossible.

The function itself is obviously doable. But that’d be up to Proboards to provide that feature.


This x1000

There are a LOT of features that we wish we could just tack onto our proboards site, but the reality is that we have very little control over things like that.
I’d kill a man for a multi-quote feature on here.

This falls into the same category, though. We can’t add one. We’d love to, but we simply don’t have the option. If we had the tech support, we’d build the site from the ground up as we want it. Anyone want to fund that several thousand dollar venture for me?! :grin:

Gyazo is a super simple and fast tool for posting pictures from your computer (for anyone who may like to give it a try).

Then you should use tapatalk app. Their native multi-quote is great :wink:


Switching the entire forum would require hours of work from a coder we don’t have and likely lose us a lot of traffic. It’s just not worth it for the small gain of a multi quote tool. If it were, I promise I’d personally make it happen.

It’s unfortunate we don’t have some of the small features, but I like to think we’ve got a fairly workable system going that isn’t hurting anyone too much.


What we lack in features, we make up for in PSA 10’s.


You should see how much time PokéBeach has in their change.

Don’t really follow the website much, but I’d guess thousands just by having seen the difference.

I don’t think you understand what tapatalk is. As stated by me, it is a client that manages tour forum accounts.

I was merely pointing out that if you use a client, they come with a multi-quote function.

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There is the “add attachment” button on the full reply section. But the easiest and probably overall best way to upload something is embedding an image using a site such as imgur.

Here is an explanation on how to insert an image on proboards.

Just to explain about the mechanics of ‘switching’ the UPCCC forums to a different forum provider.
‘Crawling’ the forums from 1 provider to another is an arduous and taxing experience. I have been involved with a few of these, and you lose posts, permissions for admins/mods get totally messed up, and it’s just an awful experience trying to find out what is missing and changed.

Like Charlie said, totally not worth it all.

I don’t think anyone has suggested a change mate.

Was more of a ‘while we are on the subject’ type of thing.