Hello everyone, what are you guys using to

Upload pics on here?

Flickr is eh…

Looking for something that shows the pics instead of a link.

Any help or advise is much obliged.

Just host them on imgur or any site of your choice and then:


I guess postimage is down. Doesn’t show the pic I upload. I used that one all the time, but it’s starting to act up.

I’ll try the other site you mentioned.



Trying to avoid using the whole link thing and just upload a photo…ugh

I use tinypic.com/ or dropbox

After uploading something to a site like Imgur, you can right click on your image and select either ‘Copy link address’ or ‘Copy image address’ to get the direct link to the image:

Then you can simply follow what Quuador mentioned above.

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It just posts a link and not the pic lol

Should have mentioned I’m using a cell phone.

I figured it out!

Thank you!!

On mobile, just install the tapatalk app and follow efour from there. You can upload pics via the app the same way you would upload pics on other social media platforms.

For example: this epic screenshot


Is it the limitations of Proboards that doesn’t allow us to upload pictures directly without relying on 3rd party? I’ve always wondered that, because it would be a much needed improvement, especially in a picture heavy hobby.

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Sharing direct links from Imgur on mobile is an absolute pain. Are you using the app? For Android, if you long press on the photo you want to share, the system dialogue window will pop up and then you can press “Copy URL”. If the URL you copy ends in .jpg or .png, you should be good to go.

Also, the code for inserting an image if you’re on mobile is the following (without the spaces)
[ img ] example.jpg [ /img ]

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