Need new place for pictures

Hi all

So I’m in a pickle right now. I might’ve complained earlier this year Dropbox decided to terminate public folders ( which made updating my collection thread so easy ). I tried to fix situation today by copying links from my picture folders, at first everything seemed to ok but after ~5 hours pictures started to disappear by themself. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes: I don’t know how, I don’t know why, all I know I don’t want to use Dropbox anymore and I have to migrate all my stuff to somewhere else. If you’re really bored take a look here, majority of my messages are updated today but by now there’s only text left.

Basically all requirements I have is easy way to create links that can be inserted in my collection updates + I’d like to make “photo albums” like the ones I’ve had in collection thread since beginning:

Accepting all suggestions. :blush:

Photobucket still does it for me.
They got an app, which you can use as an instant upload/back up thing to never lose anything from your phone.

Photobucket has nice policies, easy linking (instant bb-coding, html coding etc.) and allows you to make hidden albums etc. aswell.

Alternatively; Instagram seems to be popular for this these days aswell.

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imgur is pretty simple and easy to use. You can make folders to help organize and keep all your images private without the link so you don’t get dopey comments. I’d go that route!

Side note though, I never trust a free service like that to keep my images/ media forever. So always be sure to have a backup somewhere reliable.


Oops, forgot to say I’m doing these things only on PC so any phone apps won’t benefit me. :blush:

I’ll have to take a look on both tomorrow and pick one which suits my use better. Good thing is I should have backup copies from majority of pictures already.

imgur is probably the best option for image hosting. It is easy on both PC and mobile. Here is @pokemonsyndacte’s tutorial for uploading:


I use flickr, you can upload top IQ on there and they give you forum links and albums


Thanks all, created imgur account not too long time ago and it seems to be really straight forward place to upload bunch of pictures. :blush:

Just posting one photo album & inserted image as a test.

If something above isn’t working let me know.


I use Flickr but where do you get the direct link for an image to post into the forum?

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I personally use (and sometimes


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