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Looks legit. Also the majority of those gold stars dogs are going to be mint due to issues that can be discussed later. If it looks mint in case it probably is, since most people aren’t going to try and tamper with a $60 card.

Looks fine to me, I think you just need to send it in and get a new case. Also if you do this PSA should be able to tell you if it was tampered with.

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hey guys thanks for the reply. but i see several forum stating that there are several ebay members selling resealed baseball cards for around $30. Hence i was worried that it is not shocking to see a $60 card been tampered with

may i ask why did you say that gold star dogs are going to be mint? any reason for this issue?

10,000s of copies stolen from the factory and held by a private collector that are pretty much in mint condition being potentially (unverified yet) being released into the market.

My understanding is you’d see a lot more frosting if the case was actually cracked open. Does the card look fake? The cert matches the PSA database:

So let’s assume someone did tamper with this card. That means they have done the following:
-got a PSA 9 gold star entei
-cracked the case with minimal evidence of tampering
-replaced the entei with a fake (doesn’t look fake though) or a card that can pass as a PSA 9 (does it look like a 9?)
-sold the tampered version, possibly regraded the original card to get another 9

I mean, this means the seller could sell 2 PSA 9s instead of one 9 and one near-9. Profit? $20-50? Seems highly unlikely.

Or maybe someone just dropped it lol :blush:


I doubt it’s been tampered with. I see that top corner cracking all the time. No need to worry unless you have like an entire edge or two of the case with frosting.

The crack on top is normal for PSA card. Many PSA card broke during shipping crack that way. Look normal

If you want to know if a case has been tampered with grab the top and bottom of the case and try and fold it in half (don’t succeed). If the case is firm and resistant it’s not tampered with, if you could fold it with minimal effort it’s been tampered with.

It has to do with the sonic sealing PSA uses where the plastic becomes stronger when sealed. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about try this with a sealed PSA case, and with an opened case, the difference in flexability is easily noticable.

People often mention frosting around the edges as a sign of tampering, but it can happen in the sealing process. When and edge isn’t totally sealed properly it will appear “frosty”. I had a batch of cards come back one time that had a few cases with frosting. Nothing to worry about there.