Thought I'd seen it all... Till I went on Craigslist...

So check this out guys.

Occasionally when I’m bored, I’ll check my local Craiglist to see if I can find any good deals on cards.

Well Today I’m on it and found this guy…

This guy is trying to scam people without a doubt… :neutral_face:
I’m really hoping no one falls for this.

OH one of my pictures made the cut!

Hell Ya! Ive been watching your ebay listing, but this guy has a much better price! :rofl: lol


Wait, so all I have to do is give this guy $100 and he’ll go get any card I want at his Pokemon store where he has every rare card ever printed?! Where do I sign up?!

Unbelievable that hes so successful and can’t even use commas or full stops.

Unbelievable that he would use goldstarcard’s pictures. Id recognize those before anything because of the way he takes them.

i wonder if his LA store is air conditioned


Wow he really is a floor enthusiast. he has many different carpets and even floor boards. i might try get a koffing pokemon snap promo from him, i think he might havet hat in his rare collection!

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