Amazing find.

So i found a guy on craigslist that is selling Pokémon cards. He found them in a basement he was remodeling. He Is selling 800+ holos ranging from $5 to $10. He has all wotc cards. Multiples of 1st and unlimited from base to fossil. He has about 16 blastoise, about 20 venusaurs and around 20 charizards. 5 of those charizards are 1st edition. Mint condition in toploaders. Im getting all of them. I cannot believe this is happening…some one step on my toe for this feels like a dream! He showed me pictures of them and everything. I didnt even want to go to work today. Ill keep you guys updated.


dang man you’re going to be rich!

Lets hope so. What if he considers unlimeted to be 1st edition. Ive had that before.

You should post his pictures he showed you.


I’d really like to own a first edition Blastoise PSA 10 someday :grin:



Congrats on getting scammed/lied to


German 1st Ed base

I’m calling it!

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Dont say that dude…

These are the pics he sent me. We had a long conversation about how he got them, lets hope for the best.


Those sleeves look pretty darn old and theyre definitely english. Im just exited, dont ruin this for me.

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Ill sell you one for half the freakin price if i get them!

They are not 1st Edition.

I can see that, this guy has more that was a quick picture. His listing title is “Pokémon cards for sale” and he calls them halos. Lets hope for the best, milhouse.

In the other thread you claimed they were 5 1st Edition Charizards. That is why I brought it up.

If you can get cheap unlim base holos that is great but I have 0 hope because Craigslist is more notorious than FB groups for scams.


Yeah he claims he has 5 other zards that are 1st edition.

And conveniently there are no photos of those. Which further adds weight to a scam/lie.

They want to lure you in with the promise of rarer cards. I doubt those images you shared are even his.

I will gladly be proven wrong but therr is nothing here to show he is genuine.

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Actually man

I found and graded a 1st edition Shadowless Charizard a month or so back and ended up getting a 9 :grin:

It’s rare, but there can be goodies there!

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We will have to wait and see.