Killer Craigslist Find?

Alright as always I look far and wide for whatever base set pokemon cards I can find, I decided to checkout craigslist after checking it a few weeks back and find a new posting less than 24 hours ago of a giant base set collection asking $350, the listing has over 300 cards and alot of potential valuable cards. I sent him a email asking to see the back of a few cards and decided to offer him $150 not knowing the exact condition of the rest of the collection, he agreed on $150 and are on the way. He says they are in excellent condition, check out these images and tell me what you think. I think I hit the jackpot on this deal if the cards are in nm/mint+

Shadowless Venusaur
Shadowless Mewtwo
Shadowless Nidoking
Shadowless Clefairy
Shadowless Gyarados
1st Edition Shadowless Pikachu & Squirtle

and a bunch more…

Not bad not bad…

Almost beats the time I bought a mint 1st edition Zard for $600 and graded it a 9!

But nice find man!

Thanks, still worried not seeing better pictures of the collection but I made sure to get some detailed pictures of the charizard, blastoise and venusaur.

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Definitely keep us updated when it arrives!

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Will do, if anyone has there eyes on any of them they will most likely be up for sale.

Oooo, I’d love that Fossil Moltres if it’s in good condition ^^!

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Well today I went and picked up the lot I posted above and I was a bit disappointed with a few cards that I was excited about but all in all I did very well. I will list all of the cards with what condition/psa grade I would assume and show you guys the pictures.

Charizard -Excellent- PSA 9(Front is perfect, little white showing on back border)
Blastoise -Excellent- PSA 9(Front is perfect, little white showing on back border)
Shadowless Venusaur -Excellent- PSA 9(Front is perfect, little white showing on back border)
Shadowless Nidoking -Amazing- PSA 10?(Cannot find any defects other then the centering)
Shadowless Mewtwo -Terrible- PSA 2 (Scratches everywhere on the front)
Shadowless Gyarados -Great- PSA 8 (Little Sratches on front holo)
Shadowless Clefairy -Great- PSA 8 (Few scratches on front of card)
Moltres -Exellent- PSA 8/9 (Some silvering on edges and corner wear on back)
Articuno -Exellent- PSA 9 (Slight silvering everything else looks great)
Lapras -Exellent- PSA 8/9 (Few small holo scratches and small edgewear)
Vaporeon -Great- PSA 7 (Scratches on holo and silvering)
Victreebel -Exellent- PSA 8 (Silvering and slight edgewear)
Muk -Exellent- PSA 9 (small edgewear)
Pinsir -Poor- PSA 6 (scratches,silvering and edgewear)
Jolteon -Poor- PSA 6 (Sratches,silvering and edgewear)
Gengar -Great- PSA 8 (Few holo scratches and silvering)

Next we will go over the 1st Edition Shadowless non-holos.

There were alot in this Lot and since they are all in the same condition ill just keep it short and sweet and let you see everything I have from the pictures. These Trainers and rare/commons/un-commons are in amazing condition, All of them appear to be in PSA 9-10 condition. Here are some pictures of the lot.

Craigslist is hit or miss when it comes to condition (and in my experience, usually a miss). Happy to see you did well!

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Certainly a good buy regardless of a few disappointments.

Thanks guys, I was really looking forward to the shadowless mewtwo and it was the worst card by far.

Into every life a little rain must fall. (Corny enough?:smirk:)

And sometimes it feels like you live in Baton Rouge.

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Very awesome Craigslist find! Happy to know that the cards are in great condition. This is a great start for you!

Wow, those are in incredible condition for their age! Kudos on the get :grin:

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