Is this guy for real?

Seems to have a few insanely rare cards but almost no description and a small # of feedback makes me suspicious. Anyone know who this is/if he’s legitimate?

They are listing the cards from Yahoo Japan. I am not sure if the person on eBay is the same as the Yahoo seller.


If they are the actual person selling them on Y!J, and they are either using their own eBay to list or having them listed by a friend. I will never ever understand why they didn’t take this opportunity to take some better photos.

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That was my thinking - the pictures are terrible and there is zero description/effort in trying to sell the card. Seems a bit strange.

Small feedback?

Who has a spare 30 seconds to a minute these days? Check your privilege. :blush:

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150 isn’t much when a guy who is regularly selling $100 items pops up with 3 $8k cards. The only thing he’s sold thats of real value is the last feedback of $3000. Just seems odd. Not saying it’s not 100% legitimate - it’s just that it seems odd that he’d list cards of those caliber with so little effort put forth into photos/description. He could have found those photos somewhere else - it’s not unheard of.

I guess. Maybe he is just strictly an investor type who doesn’t care much about detail (lets us nerds worry about that) or it’s possible that English isn’t his first language and he can’t really write any more about them. Who knows!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Time privilege confirmed. Filthy timetriachy.


The seller has been known for years. The cards just haven’t sold yet due to his price expectations. He’s using ebay to reach the western market and as for the ‘poor’ description: I would be surprised if the guy speaks English. And if you do some research on Japanese (also Chinese and Korean) culture that is perfectly normal. Unlike in Europe there are only few people who get to learn English in school or anywhere else. Many are using a guide for ebay just like we do for Y!J

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Makes sense, I was just curious. What’s the going rate for these nowadays anyway? It’s been years since I’ve seen one for sale/sold but I also don’t follow too closely, haha.

You would have to ask one of the high end collectors on this site. The cards are probably worth a couple grand each but 8K is ludicrous, in my opinion of course…

Actually, 8k for an actual mint copy is not that crazy. The 1997 No. 1 has sold for more than 8k on multiple occasions. Of course that is the 1997. If any of those copies were PSA 9, especially 10, you would have buyers.

With that said, prices in general are not easily quantifiable, and certainly aren’t for the highest end of cards in the hobby. It will literally come down to whatever the seller wants to let them go for, or if they get desperate and put them in auction.

Oh and if this person had an ounce of sense they would not be doing what they are doing with this set. Selling cards like this is something not everyone could or should be doing.

This guy is not the same seller as on YJ. He is just trying to make a sale for a higher price.

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Apparently this is the hot thing right now.

Where’s @milhouse with that Zoolander meme opportunity?

I blew it.