Does this seem outrageous? Japanese Star Umbreon

:slightly_smiling_face: I have to say I nearly did a spit take when I saw this…

15k … really :tada: REALLY?!

It is Ed, all of his prices are WTF prices.

Yes. Its outrageous. Its not even worth the $2-3k ungraded in which he claims. Maybe if Pokemon cards ever hit the phenom. status again, but not now.

I didn’t know he was a known Ebay user for that…

I guess he just wants to eat the listing fees and showcase his goodies.

I’ve never listed on eBay but surely you only pay the listing fee when something sells?

You pay the most fee’s if it sells. Ed actually is probably not paying much since he is a top seller.

You do pay some fee’s when listing an item. Depends on how much it is and how long you list it for. Since he is a top rated seller and has a store he probably does not pay much and the listings are actually ad’s to draw in customers.

I know that some sellers, him included, do not have some of the cards they have listed for sale, but just list them with obnoxious prices to get hits. :confused:

I’m going to do that. I’ll just list Scott’s trophies and see if I get more hits :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh how ridiculous! That seems rather low brow just to get attention, but then I’ve seen people put up one pokemon card and nothing else in their store will have that just so people go to that store. -sigh-

I know. :confused: Ed is a really nice guy but I don’t agree with those practices. He does have a great selection and if you could make a reasonable offer on them it would be better.

100k from same seller.


Yeah that is not what it seems. That illustrator is illustrated.

hahahaha! :grin:

FREE SHIPPING?! Darn I must have overlooked it. DEFINITELY the cost of admission…

Hahahaha! way to be an ass PSA…way to be an ass…

Yes that was. Wil always had trouble getting his card graded. :confused:

How is that even possible?

Wow they really hated will!

Does Ed even sell his inventory with these outrageous prices? x)

I’ve purchased from him multiple times but that is beside the point

@smpratte - What do you mean?

Male offers on his cards. There are reasons why you might put a card at 100k, not just because you expect to get that much for it