THEEEE one and only Entei?

Has anyone ever wondered why the price is so high –

Is the seller just trying to take advantage of ignorant collectors or is there something truly unique about this card?

He’s the only one who knows why so for anyone curious…message him.

Just to give you an idea on the rarity of this card… I used to know someone on eBay who had a SHIT-TON of the BCCG Graded Japanese Promo Charizard, Entei, and Pichu. I would purchase three Large Flat-Rate Boxes FULL of those cards (one box for each card-type) and then sell the trio together for something stupid like $17.50. They sold very well - it is a cool gift-idea. However, there are THOUSANDS of these cards that are “Mint or Better”! LOL

That should help answer your question :blush: Haha


With a price tag like that, why would you charge $5 shipping? lol


Why even waste your time listing that at that price tag

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Maybe they forgot to change the price to USD


For person like us, he makes a good traffic to his store with this controversial card…

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This probably belongs in our ebay garbage thread.


The BCCG label looks terrible

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What a steal!!!

That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings :open_mouth:

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