It sold for what?!

I recently found out about this oddity selling for about $7500 (USD) in June, supposedly the majority of these 1st Edition versions were destroyed in a building fire and very few have surfaced. It is the ultimate chase card for those looking to complete a 1st Ed. Japanese EX set!
Would love to know if people know of other cool oddities that maybe not everyone knows about!


There’s this weird Pikachu card that some wacko paid 200k for…

But in all seriousness, a bunch of those reverse holo shinies from Platinum just sold for like $400 a piece…that really surprised me!


@fourthstartcg, I knew there were shiny Pokemon collectors out there but that is impressive! They might be the ‘newest old’ shiny Pokemon after the Neo sets?

Thats interesting but makes sense. It explains the price difference between the two versions. I always wondered why that was. Thank you!

Only oddity I can think of the dpt-p Darkrai and cresselia daisuke promo. It was based on points and then you would redeem points to get it from the daisuke card club program. Unfortunately to get the points required was way too difficult. There were not enough events available to players for most to even be able to earn the points needed. Due to that it was reissued as l-p promo daisuke club promos. If it was ever earned by anyone, it hasn’t surfaced publicly. There are scans of the cards on the Pokemon jp site but that’s it and some whispers of some people having had one. They are two of the most elusive cards.


Why would anyone pay 50x the price for an extra stam…oh wait…


Thanks for sharing. Never knew these got mostly destroyed during a fire. That’s quite a price for a 1st edition Japanese card! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Almost everything mentioned in this thread. :blush:


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This is my all time favorite card :heart_eyes: I’d love it in a 10 but I dunno if it’s worth $400…