The PWCC Megathread

they have alotta junk that are priced way above 2021 prices on their marketplace :rofl:

idk how many ppl even look there but it has gotta be a tiny fraction of their auctions

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Ebay also has a ton of overpriced junk. The difference is that the ebay search doesn’t prioritize those listings

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I have a notepad document with saved searches. You can append to a list to get all the cards you want to show up. This works in the search bar:

mysterous mountains, split earth, town map, expedition, wind sea

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I think the mentality of a lot of the overpriced junk slab listers is something like “well these are sitting in my vault anyway, I might as well have the small chance to sell one, and all I have to do is click this button and set a price.”

Which makes sense, but the barrier of entry is so low that it leads to so much clutter and junk. At least with eBay you need to go to the trouble of actually making a listing and adding photos etc. Hopefully this change adds at least a little bit more effort that some people won’t want to put in.


As an overpriced lister, I can confirm that’s exactly what’s happening


PWCC is tripping right on the premier auction. An auction is counting down from 4:55 left and goes to 4:41, then goes back to 4:55 and loops over and over again. There haven’t been any new bids in the past 10 minutes. So weird watching it.

I’ve been watching bids come in pretty regularly!

Also, if anyone wants to talk about the auction in Discord voice chat, feel free to come join me :slight_smile:


I think if there is any new bid on any of the items, it resets the 5 minute timer for all of the items. At least that is how it appears while watching it. Probably to allow for those willing to shell out the big bucks to still bid on something else in the event they feel priced out of another high end item.

So this thing could last hours then. This is silly. That does seem to be what’s happening.

Yes, @camrok37 is right.

Extended bidding starts at 7:00 p.m. PT on the stated closing night. All Premier lots remain open and active until the auction clock expires. The clock window resets with each bid received, and the auction ends entirely if the current window does not receive any bids.

The extended bidding window gets smaller as extended bidding progresses, starting with five-minute windows at 7:00 p.m. PT, reduced to two-minute windows at 7:30 p.m. PT, and then reduced further to one minute at 8:00 p.m. PT. Half-bidding-increments are enabled during the one-minute window period.

The strategy is to go by small increments and hope the other parties fall asleep before you :smiley:
The reset does shorten 2 mins then 1 then 30 sec I believe

Shadowless booster box and a 10 charizard


Ending soon! Curious to see where this one will end up…


I feel like immediately after buying something I’ve been looking for that doesn’t show up often…it pops up the next week on pwcc and goes for way less. FML lol


This should be banned. What a waste of time and resources for everyone involved.


Not sure if this is the right place. Those who use sell on pwcc. As the market adjusts are you allowed to change the declared value of your cards you have stored? I’m just curious for shipping/insurance purposes. Also not sure if the question makes sense, still haven’t had my coffee lol

You can adjust the insurance value at any time.

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Thank you!