The PWCC Megathread

What is this

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I’m sorry what?


this is actually a thing @pokecollectoramy @Charizard1020


This is absolutely wild. You really do learn something new about Pokémon here in efour all the time

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So odd and amazing, thank you


Seems odd that someone would submit such a nice raw copy to PWCC. Why not grade it and get more from the auction? PWCC even offers to submit for you.

Or perhaps it’s a cracked PSA 6? :person_shrugging:

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That could easily be a 7 or an 8 but I’m no grader

Perhaps it’s inked and PSA already rejected it?

Scans are scams

Can’t see any sort of 3d damage

People never learn


Sheesh 5k

Just was watching an item I bid on, was in the lead, 1min left red text saying bid needed to extend time. Then time ran out , price jumped above my bid, and immediately ended, “sorry you lost his item” appears. Wtf?


The real star of last night. I’d have loved to win it, but I just personally can’t wrap my head around these kinds of premiums. Black labels, perfects are just not something that I’d feel comfortable buying personally.

But I’ll admit it was very hard to not bid


One of my biggest regrets in Pokemon. I had the chance to buy a 10 and 10 Scheme with amazing gold marker auto for $1600 in late 2019/early 2020 but I didn’t pull the trigger (at that time had not spent over $1k on a single card).


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Hi there,

Has anyone had issues with bidding in the last 24 hours? I’m getting an error message saying, The item is not available for bidding.

I haven’t reached out directly to pwcc Helpdesk yet but just wanted to ask the community first before contacting them


Seems theyre having technical difficulties again