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Hire pokemafa, everything will be listed as a grail, thus increasing sales.


was just thinking about using AI trained on PWCC descriptions to generate copy for my eBay listings

Im so glad im not the only one who thinks this.


The amount of circle jerking on that page is unreal!


Brent is like 40 though lol

@petiparty please let whoever runs the pokemon section of weekly auctions that it is nearly unbearable to go through these days.

Nothing is in order, cards from sets are scattered all about, it’s an unorganized mess. For example, no one wants to see Base 1st, shadowless, unlimited all strewn together, let alone see a specific set scattered and mixed in with other sets randomly all around.

Here is one of many screenshots I could easily show illustrating this

3 different cards from 3 different sets/eras back to back, when all 3 can be found in other areas of the pokemon section of the weekly auction. Sometimes even the same exact card. The exact same ampharos can be found on the next page, after a bunch of other different eras. No organization anymore, really difficult to navigate without going numb. It honestly is starting to deter me from checking in on the auctions.

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Are you browsing all listings, or searching? When searching, the results are always sorted by oldest set/card to newest set/card.

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Weekly auction #61, category pokemon. Browsing all those listings. Everything is a jumbled mess. No order of sets, no order of language, etc.

The sheer amount of CGC junk slabs has lead me to abstain from browsing this week. I checked last night, there were 50 pages of CGC cards still at the minimum bid. That’s 1200 slabs


Trying searching for what you’re looking for, will save your sanity and time versus simply browsing all the thousand listings :rofl:


That doesn’t work for everyone. It would be a lot easier if they just organized it properly. It would make it far more efficient. No sanity needing to be saved. Some people want to browse whole sets or eras because they might want some cards to crack, others to keep in that grade etc.

Maybe one’s list is 50, 100 cards. Looking these up would be far more tedious than just looking through a few pages at a time when things are correctly organized. They used to be organized anyway.

Sometimes people want to simply see what there is to offer in, say, the deoxys reverse sets available. Maybe I might want a new card that isn’t on my list? Well, can’t be done if some or most are out of order and it causes me to stay away.

My weekly search through PWCC has taken at least twice as long in recent weeks. No doubt that people are sending their junk slabs to PWCC to flush them through the system.

I would love a filter to exclude cards with an expected value of XXX (set amount by the user) OR a filter for cards without a single bid from the $5 starting price.

If you stop looking for long enough, you just may qualify for the $100 bonus credit that comes to loyal customers :wink:


6800+ listings for just Pokemon this week…

I use to check every weekly Pokemon listing, but now it’s just too much.


You can filter by current minimum bid and always exclude anything below a certain amount.

Heads up for anyone who cares, the new marketplace will be going live on April 1st. New filters will be added, and lots of other things that people have been asking for. Once that update is live, it will make things much, much easier to sort through and pinpoint things that you’re actually interested in. The new content writer position will also be responsible for title reviews to clean up some of the titles that are slipping through, and overall the process should be much smoother.

For the issue with things not being grouped together, I notice that all those cards you are referencing are flash auctions and not the normal auctions, so I assume that that has something to do with it.


Is this an April fool’s joke? :slight_smile:

Nah that’s for when we change the P in PWCC in Pokemon, and the yellow loghtning bolts become pikachu tails.


Will this make browsing on mobile a better experience at all? For me at least the pages are often very slow to respond when trying to do anything.