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increase BP to 40% and give everyone 100$ voucher each week

Its a jumping off point fine detail can be massaged.

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So in a nutshell, any remotely diserable card from this auction didn’t end up selling in this auction lol.

big ideas being discussed for sure

I had 50 cards selling on this week auction, and I have just checked my account and 37 out of those 50 have been rescheduled for auction. 37 out of 50!!! This is embarrassing, isn’t really going to be any compensation for sellers?

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@petiparty you seem really good on here. All joking aside do what feels right inside and you cant go wrong. Never do a ludkins. Even when things are hard or embarrassing the truth is so much better to hear no matter how bad.

Youve just jogged my memory you had lots of posts asking all about auctioning and then hit this bad luck soz to hear.

It’s one week. It’ll be okay


Won average 3 items per account. Only average 2 items per account made it though due to AWS. I don’t think I will wait for next weekly auction even though that is more efficient. Before more screw-ups happen, I will probably just ship all the “secured” slabs out immediately if the total bills are within the $100 credit per account. Free credit anyway.

Well, it may be ok for you but personally for me its not ok. I am not any kind of big collector or anything, I sent a big part of my collection there for grading and selling, and how this will affect me is that i will receive the money later, and most likely I will be selling my cards for way less money. If you dont care about your money its ok and I respect it, but you cant say " its ok" to someone that will most likely lose money, that is pretty disrespectful, 500$ may be cash for you but for me its not

What guarantee do you have that they will sell for “way less” next week? I don’t knock $500 believe me just trying to understand


A possible thought is what Admiral mentioned a few posts up, which is a dilution of the market (within that website) once the auction runs because it will host all of the originally intended items plus all of the rollover items. As a result, people who may have wanted to bid on the same card might either change their mind as more choices are now available, or spread their money out across the cards. Not a guarantee necessarily, but a legitimate scenario. Why bid on the PSA 8 copy you wanted when there is a PSA 9 going for the same price (for example). I’m not convinced that would result in a major price discrepancy, but I could see it being docked slightly.

Obviously it’s impossible to know everyone’s financial picture/budget for bidding on Pokemon; if I knew I wanted the card, it wouldn’t make a ton of difference to me personally, but I totally understand that for others it absolutely could. I’d be curious to know how many cards this actually affected; if it’s like 20 then probably not that big of a deal. But if it’s 2,000, that’s a different story.

I understand all the frustrations a lot of you are having over this issue, and I hear you. Unfortunately, PWCC like many many other businesses rely on Amazon for these types of services, so when they experience issues there is little that we could have done to prevent it, and not much we can do about what happened. I know that may not be the response that some of you may want to hear, but it’s the truth.

With regards to individually asking people one by one if they were happy with what their items sold for, the logistics behind contacting hundreds to thousands of sellers would not have been feasible in order to have these cards listed for sale as fast as possible. There is a lot that goes behind running these auctions on the back end, so unfortunately doing something like this would have taken too much time in order to get them re-listed for the next auction. I know that a lot of people wanted to get their payouts before the holidays, and this likely would have meant a lot of people not getting the money in time for Christmas. With taking everything into consideration, what was implemented was decided to be the best approach to try and get everyone’s items sold in a timely manner and to try and minimize any negative impacts on people.

If anyone personally listing items was impacted by this that needs money for the holidays, please dm me and I will expedite getting you an advance on your auction items and will see if there’s any way possible to keep you from being negatively impacted going into the holidays.

PWCC is extremely sorry for any inconvenience that the outage may have caused, and I will personally try my best to help any of you out.


Trying to set this up for some upcoming blocks on eBay, I live in Canada and some of the Probstein auctions want $30-40 for shipping instead of the $5-10 offered when sent to US locations. If my vault says Tigard OR, do I simply swap out Portland? Might be a stupid question but ebay seems to wanna autofill the address with Portland.

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I think the postal code is most relevant. I’ve had zero issues with Portland as the address.

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Sounds good, I’ll just let it correct to Portland! Also, do I need to do anything on the PWCC side when looking to send my ebay winnings directly to them from the seller? I’m still really new to the PWCC system and couldn’t quite understand the process on their website.

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Everybody asume that the “next” auction will go for less, I don’t understand everybody says that, as PWCC is putting the items up for a new auction because bidders was not able to bid, so the auction would most likely ended higher…

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My PWCC > submissions > create submission > go through the forms and add the tracking number once you have it from the seller

It will still work even if you don’t do anything and PWCC just receive a package with your vault number as the address, but I think they ask you to create the submission with tracking for faster archiving


I never sell on pwcc before.
Do I pay income tax if I withdraw the money?