The New Giant Deal Thread

New thread idea: take a screenshot of PSA labels like this one, and then see if everyone else can identify which card goes with it :upside_down_face:

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Ok so CRSHTCH is Crosshatch (reverse holo design) but wtf is S/P/T? something/promo/tournament?

State providence territory


Thanks the text was too blurry to read and the label certainly doesn’t help lol

Edit: AND it’s a 69 cert I would buy it for the memes but it’s £300…


I remember, the internet would make this sound when I was a kid. :grin:


Pretty decent price for a Skyridge PSA 10 holo with best offer.

Want one for myself, but I’m budgetted-out for this month. :cry:

Not sure if the price is good or not, but mint Unlimited copies don’t come up too often. Too high of price for my binder collection, so have at it


Damn! Wish I would have seen that auction lol

$15 USD for a PSA 9 promo. Seems like a pretty good deal (if you’re in the US or use your vault)


Sequential certs. All 10s but the Mimikyu. Could be a great pickup for $5,000. Currently asking $5,900.

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listed as PSA 10, but it is a PSA 9 slab. Ngl, I got a bit excited when the page loaded and I saw the price and buy-it now button lol


I know, I know :upside_down_face:

But even as a PSA 9, that’s a nice price! There are not many PSA 9s floating around out there.

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That sale wouldn’t go through since it will be sent to authentication and get rejected since the eBay listing and slab grade do not match


Is that so? I thought that they matched graded cards via pictures and certification numbers, not by the title specifically.

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I sold a card that had an erroneous detail in the “item specifics” category that was rejected and sent back. I’m sure the authenticator would send this back.

I stopped using eBay’s built-in feature: “sell one like this” for this reason and type out everything manually now. It’s easy to miss a detail or copy paste something someone else did that won’t pass inspection.


Wow, that is crazy. I will have to check my listings now…

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Holo Bleed Shining Magikarp PSA 7

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