The New Giant Deal Thread

Wow that’s gotta be the worst PSA label I have ever seen.


DEX = Dark Explorers
Yup, that is the weirdest one yet

New thread idea: take a screenshot of PSA labels like this one, and then see if everyone else can identify which card goes with it :upside_down_face:

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Ok so CRSHTCH is Crosshatch (reverse holo design) but wtf is S/P/T? something/promo/tournament?

State providence territory


Thanks the text was too blurry to read and the label certainly doesn’t help lol

Edit: AND it’s a 69 cert I would buy it for the memes but it’s £300…


I remember, the internet would make this sound when I was a kid. :grin:


Pretty decent price for a Skyridge PSA 10 holo with best offer.

Want one for myself, but I’m budgetted-out for this month. :cry:

Not sure if the price is good or not, but mint Unlimited copies don’t come up too often. Too high of price for my binder collection, so have at it

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