Japanese No Rarity Price Discussion

All it takes is another bidder to drive the price up and you’ll end up paying through your nose. Or someone who’s not really interested in buying the card but pissed off enough to bid just to make sure you end up paying a lot more. Just take it easy. Sometimes it’s better to keep it low key. Good luck on the auction though.


hah i tried emailing the seller to ask about the charizard but his not accepting emails

exactly. It’s also a complete set price as well. Like Gary’s psa 10 Charizard or 1ts Ed set. He’s not interested in selling unless the price is outrageous. I’m sure if someone wanted they could talk the price down a little

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true oh well i hope it stays at that price so no one will buy it and then i can wait until i can sort out a deal with them haah

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Well it looks like my 1800usd take down now offer is slowly going out the window Lol its up at 1250usd

Yes you did and I was going to buy it… :thinking:?

I may very well have… although I do recall seeing quite a few listings in that price range back then. Maybe prices have just gone up since.

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I find it kinda odd that the seller openly provides his number to the public in the listing, and furthermore that it’s a FL area code number (though there’s a chance it might be a cell # that the seller took w/ them to NY). Has anyone tried calling to see if the seller’s legit?

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Be concerned if there is a bubble. If there is a card you think should sell for $15 and it goes $30 gets graded PSA 10 and people speculate it up to $300. What do will happen if 50, 100, or more PSA 10 copies are for sale at once.



PSA 10 1ED Neo Destiny Dark Tyranitar Holo at auction

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I wish i could buy a second one


This is another hard one to find

that silvering…

Exactly. There will be loads of these ungraded cards in Japan. If they’re going for this much - I might pop over there myself and pick up some of those bricks of cards they sell.

you’d be better off selling most of them as raw mint.people pay stupid prices for mint/pack fresh wotc. Almost as much or more than. Some psa 10 cards.

I really want to live in Japan… Id go to akihabara place and just stare at cards all day… Waiting for people to come in with no rarities, gold stars, and more no rarities. Syuju17 listed something crazy again, and I hate him. He said all the no rarities are a customers and I have been asking for ungraded ones… Hes customer has none apparently. I know there not his customers, and I wish I could live in Japan , so I could ambush all his deals, because sharing is caring bruh. But I don’t think he has any interest I’n that or collecting. Just pure profits, so even though I told him is give him a shit ton for ungraded ones, I don’t think he’s gonna budge der boi xD
I had a small opportunity to get it for 15 hours the other day, but now he has tasted the fury of other bidders and he won’t take it down for me now:eek:

No rarity Venusaur is $1925 already…


He runs a business, and is doing a lot for us collectors with the price of many cards being far lower than others have been pushing for.

Cards that were previously listed for over $300US have been bumped down to $80US, making it far better for us collectors.

You have to be patient mate, a lot of people want the no rarity cards, a lot of these people have far deeper pockets than you and I combined. Keep searching for the raw ones mate, I’m confident you can find some very mint raw copies which you can grade yourself and save tons of money.


Yea he does really good for the collectors… I price my cards the same as his. Or under. All my full arts are going to go up for prices under his or the same soon. Its really good what he does, but I wanna live in Japan so I can do it too… Sad face lol. Then I can spend heaps of money in person on minty fresh goodness instead of crazy risk taking all the time. Though its one of my favourite things risk taking because I have impulsive risk taking behaviours and its fun xD
I’m never patient, and there’s no time to lose man… These cards don’t come up like this ungraded like the set I’m getting. You can’t just find these cards. The dude I’m getting em off has taken years of yahoo auctions everyday to find the fuckers. There extremely impossible to get in this condition and the PSA 10’s will never reach a population higher than 10 or 20 on each I guarantee. Charizard? Venusaur? Blastoise? Forget 20… Maybe 5. I really want to open a short pack or one of those booster boxes of short packs so I can find out if these even exist in packs anymore… If so I’m getting a home loan and spending it on no rarity pokemoons short pack box. Its just crazy that he has these popping up. Unbelievables.
Plus no one will tell me about these secret sites, so I will never be able to pick them up like those guys do. I will be forever over paying for my cards… But I’m okay with that as long as I can get dem.
I’m also going to revamp my collection and really focus on getting down with epic trophies and the rarest stuff, so I won’t be spending much money at all on xy and full arts and shit.