The Great “Pokemon Hidden In Card Art” Thread

Would love to have Mike @mikejofthecoast who discovered the Meowth hidden Pokémon art, kick this thread off with his observations:)

If you find something not generally known, post a pic here and share it.


Awesome. Thanks for making the Idea a reality :grin:


I was actually thinking of making pretty much the exact same thread but you beat me to it. I made a thread a while back specifically looking for cards that had pikachu hidden in them.

Some of the pikachus are super hard to notice. Ill post back here if I find any other cards like this, I love the idea.

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Well 5 minutes into looking at my bulk I found another hidden pikachu of all things, and I haven’t seen anyone point out yet.


Another good one


Dugtrio in the Pokédex


I make Pokémon-specific lists for collectors pretty often, and sometimes they request to include cards featuring the specific Pokémon in the artwork. I usually go over this list first, and then also look over my own collection sometimes:

These cards above have loads of other Pokémon in their artworks in particular (@shizzlemetimbers Blaine’s Quiz cards are also in this list :wink: ).

Even then you’d sometimes still have to search on some artworks. Especially in the Jumbo cards, or cards with 15+ Pokémon in them like the illustration contest ones. Here two examples:

Another thing that comes to mind for this thread are some cards I’ve included in my National Index collection.

To give some examples: did you know that male Magikarps have yellow whiskers and female Magikarps have white whiskers? That means the Base Set artwork is a female Magikarp. Likewise, the Vending Machine series Dodrio is a male (black necks), whereas all other Dodrio artworks are females (beige necks):

Some more examples:

Arbok has three different patterns available on TCG artworks:

Some artworks of Magneton (like the Fossil Magneton) has one of the Magnemites upside down:

And I could give loads and loads of other examples:

  • Gym Heroes & Gym Challenge Charmanders both have a horn on their back (this one I learned from @smpratte Scott’s binder video)
  • Mantine’s fish isn’t a mini Remoraid in some artworks
  • Some Exeggcute artworks are missing the sixth egg
  • The Magnemite artworks sometimes have the blue/red magnets reversed in comparison to other artworks
  • The Team Rocket Ekans has stripes around its body, instead of only its belly
  • etc. etc.

Please take a look at my National Index collection for all these kind of variations!! And if you know any missing, let me know. :grin:



The Pokemon Rumble cards have some great examples of hidden Pokemon (though not as hard to see):

Magikarp & Vulpix:






I also noticed computer search I think it’s magnemite :thinking:


Here is my list of 677 English cards up to the release of Unbroken Bonds which include other Pokémon which aren’t named on the card itself: The Meowth is missing but I probably won’t be updating the spreadsheet any time soon.

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@quuador, Holy cow, whats the name of that first card?

I’m in the process of organizing all of my set cards so I’ll keep my eye out for hidden pokemon over the next couple of days.

@azulryu there is also a Vulpix in that first Pikachu :wink:

@cross It’s the Gourgeist Art Academy card.



Thanks, fixed my post. I noticed that last minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Gourgeist may be in my personal top 10 of best artworks ever featured on a card.

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Here’s one that went over a lot of heads and took me a while to catch myself!

In the background you can see three silhouettes of Eevee. One being Blue, Red and Yellow… Each representing the original evoultions of Eevee being Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon!


Here’s another from the Fan Club set! No hidden pokemon in this one, BUT there is something else hidden :wink:

This one was a discovery that I didn’t come to realize till this year. In the background of Porygon you can see slot machines… AKA the only and original way to obtain it from Blue/Red at Celadon City Game Corner!


Oh, I knew about the Eevee, but the slot machines for Porygon are new to me. Thanks for sharing!

Also, I knew most of the things mentioned including the Meowth that started the thread, and I also knew it had a Pokémon at the Computer Search screen, but I never knew which Pokémon due to the miniature size… Thanks for sharing such large scan of the card @jakew1992 . I still have to look carefully even with such a large picture, but it’s indeed a Magnemite. I see the black silhouettes of its magnets, as well as the two screws at the bottom, and its eye in the middle. :blush: Tonight after work I will take a look at my own Computer Search copy with my 40x microscope. :grin:


I think this one is more well-known, but still worth something to share here imo. The Ruin Wall card from the Japanese Crossing the Ruins… set (Neo Discovery in English) has two different artwork versions:

Kabuto (with Raichu shadow) and Aerodactyl (with Pikachu shadow):

(The English set only contains the artwork with the Kabuto.) I guess the one with the Aerodactyl and Pikachu shadow is also one for your non-Pikachu cards featuring Pikachu thread, @sacari . :blush:



The real question with this card is, is that an uncolorful luchador mask sitting on his chair??


First post here guys, been a lurker but always had this as a good example. Hidden Charizard on the Southern Islands Mew (there’s a whole load of them in that set), the English version shows just a bit more than the Japanese.


Here’s the complete artowork for Mew, Pidgeotto and Onyx!

All the connecting card arts are actually taken and spliced from an original artwork like this!

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