The Giant Professional Grading Thread

I see, thank you. This was the first time I’ve seen a card move around so freely inside a PSA slab, as I don’t have many of them.

The card moves because it is probably very straight with not much warping. Don’t think reholder will solve this movement issue. I would say keep your money.

The PSA reholder horror stories are true.

This WAS a psa 10 no symbol scyther


Sorry that happen. No one seems to believe it until it happened to themselves. Are you gonna write in to PSA?

Yes, I’ve reached out to someone at PSA. I mean even if they claim no fault during the re-holder it’s a contender for the PSA guarantee. I mean this thing’s no higher than a 6 now, maybe even 5.

Everyone keeps telling me the chances of damage is extremely low. But I have sent in for reholder on 3 separate occasions, and in all 3 they came back with new damage, some very very minute, some very obviously noticeable. I won’t be using their reholder service ever again. 3 times is too much.

IT sucks, I feel for you.


What gave me confidence was I cracked about 15 slabs from another sub that was graded harshly. 80% of those cracked slabs came back 10s, none lower than 9s. Here was my ill placed rationale:

“A random guy in his basement with a cable cutter and a butter knife (me) can successfully crack slabs and cause no damage. With majority of my cracked cards coming back as 10s. I had no experience other than a 10 minute youtube video. This means someone who does this for presumably 8 hours a day will be proficient at this.”


I guess the difference is that you treat your card and the cracking process with extreme care while PSA might not have done the same due to the huge volume they received.

To you it’s you precious collection, to them its just another day at work.


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Would like some help to verify this slab. It is giving me vibes of that Chinese scam of using the real label but in a fake slab. I circled the “holes” that seem to not match the PSA scan. It could just be the lighting, It does qualify for eBay authenticity guarantee, but who knows if they would catch the fake slabs.

Here is the scan on the PSA website

Here is the photo provided on eBay

Here is the listing for reference. 0 feedback seller

In my non expert opinion that’s a legit slab. What looks to give it away to me is the slight whitening on the back of the card at the top both appear the same on the scan and the Listing.

Thanks for the feedback!

Waiting 3 months to get your card ruined by PSA. Ouch. Sorry man.

Found back pictures of my scyther before being re-holdered.




That’s super rough to see. Please let me know how PSA responds and if they honor the guarantee.

I’ll keep posting here, I submitted a request yesterday.

This doesn’t even count the tiny scratches here and there on other cards. This is just the one I can without a doubt prove. I’m convinced they use 2 baseball sized rocks to crack cards out and chain link gloves when handling them during the re-holder service.


Interesting experience today submitting in person to PSA Japan at their new offices.
Unlike before, now a staff member comes out and checks your application form with you and the cards that you’re submitting. We had to remove and restick like 30 labels on the cardsavers. She explained that they take a scan of each card submitted inside the cardsaver, so nothing should block the view of tye card. She also checked for a couple cards which side was the front and which was the back.


Had a chat with the PSA guy dealing with upcharges so let me share the contents:

  1. PSA now offers discounts off their higher service tiers as part of their monthly specials. If you happen to submit cards at lower tiers while there are discount offers and got upcharged to the discounted tiers, the discounted price will also apply to your upcharge.
  2. If you got upcharged to a service tier with additional perks like slab sleeves and high-quality imaging, the card you got upcharged for will also enjoy those perks. Note however that your cards may stay longer in QA2 for PSA to apply those perks to your card.

Take my case for an example: I submitted the Japanese Lucario VSTAR RR in February 2023 in Regular ($75) tier and got a 10. PSA ended up charging me $200 instead of the original $300 as they ruled the card into Super Express tier, and there was a discount offer for Super Express at that moment. (Note that although the February offer was only for sports cards and not TCG, PSA didn’t take that requirement into account when handling upcharges.) They also offered me high-quality scans of the card which is originally available for Super Express and higher. However, looks like they need more time to process the scans, so my card was put in QA2 for longer.

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Quick grading question - who would be more leniant on a tiny needle sized indent on the back of an otherwise flawless card, CGC or BGS?

Does anyone how PSA would deal with this? It looks like dirt / a printing defect, and is only visible under certain angles. Since I was able to spot it, PSA surely will. Was not able to remove it with a microfibre cloth. Card is otherwise flawless… any help is very welcome!