The Giant Pokémon non-TCG Identification Thread
Not really sure what I bought here and was hoping for a second set of eyes. Can’t find anymore, came across them when searching kanji for encyclopedia (zukan, but kanji not hira/katakana)


Looks like something that pairs with some sort of reader, like a pokedex. It looks like the left side of the reader would just have some colored cellophane to filter out all the noisy lines to reveal the green text.

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I have looked through this whole thread and have not found anything like this. Does anyone have any information on this card?


Just use this article for any and all Carddass anime card identification.



Hey guys, i first saw one of these stickers very recently in a pwcc auction and now I discovered there are many of these from the same year with a similiar format. Although they are non-tcg they seem to have been released somehow related to the japanese tcg in 2005. Does anyone have info on the release of these? Were they released within tcg products, given in pokemon centers, etc…