The "Gem" of you collection?

Hey guys, simple question, im unaware of a topic like this existing (but i apologise if there already is), what is the “Gem” of your collection?

For me its my 1st edition base set. For me, like many others here, collecting pokemon is about the nostalgia. As a kid i completed the base set, but I never had a 1st edition base set card. More or less when i first got back into collecting around 2008, i was able to snap up a 1st edition base set, for what i believe to be a very good price.

Unfortunately its not graded. I am seriously considering getting at least the holo’s graded, however ive never been through the PSA process.

Your “gem” doesn’t have to have the highest value, it doesn’t have to be an uber rare, it simply has to be what you consider your “gem”.

Pics & Videos are welcome so share away guys!

Mine is probably my 1st Edition Grass/Lightning VS Booster Box. I love it :blush:

This is a really good question, but a really hard one to answer!! Your 1st base set looks amazing, I have one aswell and it is certainly one of my gems!

If you ever feel like it, I suggest collecting a full base set, and shadowless base set too and putting all 3 sets in a binder side-by-side. Seeing the three together just blows my mind. I can’t help by flip through it, and compare the differences between the prints

Mine is the square cut, no stage Blastoise. Mainly because its cool to hold something in my hand that nobody else in the world has:)

Are these holos thicks or thins? Btw, nice set for sure.

Obviously Gary :wink: No, but this is certainly a great candidate for a gem in any collection.

My Gem would be my University Magikarp as I spent 2 years finding one and going through 4 bad copies before finding the mint one.

If your interested in getting cards graded let me know as I can help out with that.

My gem card is a Blue eyes white dragon.


For me it would be my complete PSA10 Gem Mint 2010 Illusion Zorua-Zoroark Design Contest Winners set. It’s the highest graded set in the world at the moment.

Hard to say… for one thing I have no idea what my most valuable card is. And even if the question is about sentimental favorites, all of my favorite Pokemon don’t really have any super awesome rare cards like Legendaries or Pokemon like Pikachu or Charizard do. lol

I guess I’m just most proud of completing almost all of the English sets – not master sets or anything, just having one copy of each numbered card – there are only eight sets I don’t have finished right now.

Stop stealing my business

Im open to advice from anyone :blush:

Great to see everyones input here though!

A grass/lightning vs booster box i was bidding on a while back but ended up going for above what i wanted to pay.

Haha well his in the UK so it might be easier for him.

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Mine is probably my Gem Mint 10 Rayquaza* or my Mint 9 Fan Club Eevee

My Black Lotus lol, but other than that my Jumbo Special Cards from the Pokémon Card Fan Club.

I look forward to your grades. Make sure you post it here. :blush:

Great responses guys :blush:

My collection’s center piece is probably GR Mewtwo or my English Mewtwo *, both PSA 10.

Neither card is that expensive but they are some of my favorites. :blush:

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As of right now its my base set unlimited Pidgeotto, it was the first rare of the first pack I ever bought back when only base set was out. Got the machamp deck the next day. Secondly I’d have to say my corocoro shining mew, I love that card so much lol