Team Rocket Dark Blastoise

Okay so I was digging through some old pokemon cards and I found a Dark Blastoise with a nude color boarder. I can’t find anything online and am looking for answers!
This is weird, right?
It should be yellow, right?

Pictures would help!

Unfortunately I can’t log onto my laptop atm and am only able to use my phone, on which I am unable to figure out how to upload pictures from my photo album :confused:

Many here could help you but not without clear detailed pictures.

if you are still here mind telling us which phone you are using. We can guide you on how to upload a photo

I think I found a way to upload pics, posting this to test it.

I’m using an iphone 5

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Looks like it had a little too much sun


Lmao, wow…well I appreciate your help.
Sorry my blonde moment had to go public…

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There have been instances with cards being printed with colours faded or missing (albino zapdos springs to mind) however to me it looks like the entire card has faded a bit (when comparing the blue background to the others). Welcome to the U btw! If you havnt already you should make a post in the welcome thread and introduce yourself.

Don’t worry. We all thought we had a rare find. Welcome tho.

We always like seeing new faces here

Albino zapdos?! Dear lord where have I been…I’m going to learn so much here I can already tell!
Yes I shall head over to that forum in a few!
Thank you for the welcomes! :slight_smile:

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If the Blastoise was sun damaged wouldn’t the yellow energy symbol be faded too since it’s also yellow? Honestly, the rest of the card looks fine.

I’m thinking it’s a misprint. Maybe the ink was running low that day and they never caught it.

Not a bad point at all.
If ink was low wouldnt the energy symbol be light too? Or were borders printed separately for these?

The border would have been printed first before the symbols.

However, looking over some cards from that set, ALL of the colors look rather faded, just the border took the brunt of it. The symbol probably was least affected due to their being more layers of color to make it pop out more than the border itself.

I’m still convinced this is just sun exposure.

Some of you guys obviously have better eyes than mine. With that lighting and the border, the color-contrast looks wicked off to me.

So I looked online for a regular bordered Dark Blastoise card with similar lighting and blacked out the background and the borders for comparison:

Looks like you got yourself a Misprint after all, @alyssav.

Good call for those who caught it.

I was always under the impression that cards were printed blank and then the artwork was printed over it. I’ve seen plenty of blank pokemon cards with only yellow borders to support this but I’m not 100% sure of the process.

So I’m thinking the border ink has nothing to do with the artwork ink and OP definitely has an error card.

I know blank cards have the yellow borders however I was unsure as to whether there had been any blanks from when WOTC were printing. All the ones I have seen were much newer. I would agree however as the energy symbol is popping.

Doesn’t strike me as sun damaged, what does the back look like?