Found this while sorting through some bulk I bought...

Sorry for the blurry pic. My backup camera stinks lol. Any idea if this adds value to it? Either way, I may just keep it because it looks cool.

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It looks like half the card was sun bleached but maybe some of the experts will chime in.


It’s definitely unique. Any idea if it could be sun damage rather than a printing problem? I wouldn’t know how to tell the difference. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

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I’m not sure, which is why I hope someone on here would be able to tell. Definitely, the border looks cool now lol.

The fact that the line goes perfectly across seems like it could be a printing problem. It seems a little unlikely to me that part of the card was sitting out in the sun with something blocking perfectly perpendicular.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. But you never know with some people lol.

@darkrai should be an expert on this stuff.

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I’m leaning towards it being an authentic misprint. The printers they used were six-color including Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. It appears that both Magenta and Yellow were lost and only Cyan remained. Sunlight would dull all the colors, but would not remove purple from the card. This is especially true if the black and cyan colors are still crisp below the color line. Only other possibility is perhaps some type of chemical. the type of printers used simply would not have run out of two colors at the exact same spot on the sheet. It IS possible that the printer might have double fed another sheet over the top of the magenta and yellow process. Maybe someone more familiar with full sheet misprints/errors can chime in to confirm. @thecharizardauthorty

I do not know a ton about this kind. If it was a sun issue, it must have been trapped in a way that would completely block the sun off the top half - like being used for a bookmark in something not read often haha.

Does the lightning energy have any hint of yellow to it?


My brother had some cards in a plastic pocket he left in his room for ages, a few of his cards got sun damage like this as cards were sitting on top of each other. Not saying it’s not a misprint but sun damage in straight lines is definitely possible.


Send it to PSA and see what they say!

The guy’s face… Haha.

Awesome, thanks for clearing that up! At any rate, it’s still something cool to look at. Probably the coolest looking Fossil card I have lol.

i got a few of these cards in a bulk lot i bought, sun damage i’d say

Sun damaged. It looks just my sun damaged test card.

Alright, so since I was still a bit curious, I decided to listen to your advice. I guess PSA didn’t think it was altered (intentionally or not), since they graded it without any issue. I’ll upload pics tomorrow once the cards arrive here :blush:

Congrats brother on finally becoming a Charmeleon (100 posts) lol.


oh wow, can’t wait to see em!

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SPOILER: Click to show

Here you go.

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LOL thats great! At least they don’t think the cards been altered!

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I am not sure. Feel free to post the pics, I’m sure one of the other members here might be able to help give you a better answer than I can :blush: