Fossil Zapdos with really pale borders

I noticed that I have one very strange looking Zapdos in my collection. Are these light yellow borders common flaw with Fossil cards, this is the only one I could find from my 4 full binders.

Also I’d need more information about this Neo Discovery Espeon:

Does this miss part of the holofoil or something ? Background of that card shouldn’t be covered with that much of white.

The first one everyone is going to call it sun faded. As for the second I have no information, other than everyone may call it sun faded. Refer to the Pokemon misprint guide.

Thanks for enlightenment, that would actually explain why Zapdos looks like that.

But that Espeon is still quite a mystery. If the card was done correctly ( like picture under ) behind Espeon should be whitish circle, not just one big white ball like in my card. The difference is pretty huge. :grin:

You mean a lack of the holofoil? Has the shiny border and lacks the shimmering flakes, right?
If it has the holofoil stars in completely different areas, it would make it a likely candidate as a misprint. Like there’s a holofoil star in one corner and the only other visible star is on a completely different cornor.
You would have to check and make sure there isn’t a known way to remove it. Like people using acid and chemicals.