Base set Mewtwo - something strange?

patriotfans thread made me remember that I wanted to ask about this but, I seem to have noticed over the years, having numerous versions of base set Mewtwo in my time, that for some reason this holo and only this holo from base set seemed to appear in lots of different shades of yellow, in terms of the card border on the front. Some of them are very orange, and some very pale yellow. Pretty sure they aren’t fake but I’m sure this is the only one from the set where I’ve seen such a variation in border colour. They can actually make the card look quite cheap I’ve felt.

Anyone else noticed this or is it a known issue?

I noticed that the holo itself is very faint on Base set Mewtwos. I thought I was alone on this one.

The old style holo definitely didn’t pop on some cards, i’m thinking gyarados, ninetales, mewtwo

I agree with snap. Aside from those the rest looked beautiful. My favorite holo pattern, thus far.

Have you guys noticed how the unlimited Fossil Set Zapdos has a galaxy patern like in Base Set 2 cards? Instead of a cosmo holo pattern like all the other cards from 1st edition and Unlimited releases?

I wonder why its the only one…

I believe it was something to do with the red logo theme deck the zapdos came out of?

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Or the corrected version with the corner fill in? I just got one and i was expecting the cosmo holo but noticed a galaxy pattern…it surprised me.